Back to School

Things have happened so quickly I don’t know how to process everything. Where should I start?

JP had an interview lined up and he was waiting for a video interview which happened this morning. It went okay in his opinion and it led to a final interview this afternoon at 4pm. Yesterday, literally minutes after he emailed me about his upcoming video interview, Cindy Arnett had emailed and I was good to go for Biblical Psychology & Social Psychology that starts TOMORROW aka Wednesday 1/8!!

Things had happened so quickly. I don’t know if I can catch my breath. I do feel helpless as in the way I have absolutely no control of how the road is going for both of us. It’s happening all so quickly. All I could do was just go along with it. There was not time to say “Wait”, “But..”, “Why”. So last night as I began to share with my friends about the new happenings, it somewhat became my processing moments. 

I can’t see the end of this school process to be honest. I feel overwhelmed with just doubling up on classes. And yes, I feel like a drama queen but I really want to do well but not well on two classes!! *sigh* It was nice to pray with Jp last night before we went to bed. Just asking God to help us honor Him in our finances, our school our jobs and our marriage. 

Tonight’s the 1st day of class. I wonder who the cohort will be. I’m so not ready for this but I guess a lot of people in the Bible weren’t ready for a lot of things God prepared for them…

Trust and Obey. 


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