First Friday Devos.

The month of May came.. It’s our 2nd First Friday Devos. I felt so overwhelmed with excitement.

But my coworkers were all having a bad day.

Miso woke up late and arrived 2 hours later than her normal clock in time.

Yinyee came in with a frown and asked for a hug. Looked like she wanted to cry out of frustration. T-mobile wasn’t protecting her information or her account.

Lorena was worried she may not be able to make it to her 1st FFD because of a client sign up.

Things kept popping up and I wondered, “oh man God..I need to press on and share the Bridge illustration.”Β  I felt so inadequate but as I taped sheets of paper together to make one large sheet for the illustration, I knew God was going to work in ways whether I did a good job or not. It’s His glory. It’s about Him and not about me.

I still sit at my cubicle unable to grasp what just happened about 2 hours ago. I shared the good news with 8 of my coworkers. 6 out of 8 heard it for the very first time. Praise the Lord! I’m just praying that God will grow the seeds that fell on their hearts.

Grow it. water it God….Use me if You want to. Please let them know you.


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