Weekend Recap

What a weekend.

If there was an underlying theme to my weekend it would be this:

Show up. It counts.

After marrying an introvert, I’ve become more of an introvert. Not that it’s a bad thing. One of my favorite bloggers said, [Being introverted]…It’s a personality trait, not a heart monitor. I totally agree. When I was in my 20s, I was the social butterfly. Maybe I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin yet..leading me to say yes to anything and everybody.

But now… I’ve learned the hard way on when to say no. To protect what is precious and important: time and relationships. My dad used to tell me all the time:
“Judy… today (month/day/year) will pass and it will never come back again..so use it wisely without regrets.”

When he first said that I totally brushed it off like any prideful child would..but as time passed, it became a scary and sad reality I did not want to live. So I began to tell myself to “show up”.

Show up to the kid birthdays. Sure its hard to be around children when you cant have your own but show up. It matters.

Show up to the graduation, the practices, the ministry meetings…show up because even if you dont stay for the whole thing or participate 100%..it matters.

Here’s my crazy weekend of showing up.




Happy 1st birthday Logan! I love well themed events…his mom is an amazing coordinator. Dr. Seuss’d it up all..the…way!

I had to rush from Logan’s to Adam’s 2nd bday about 45 mins north. I forgot to take pics but this event was one that was intentional. High school friends. I don’t keep in touch with any of them except a handful…and she’s one of them. Ended up being a long honest talk with her younger brother about life and relationships.

Heading back home was good because I get to drive through my hometown and meet my cousin. I dont like shopping with gfs but her, Ill invite and ask for her opinion. She’s honest and she has an eye for it. Ulta to In n Out. Love catching up with her.



I love worshipping with the church body. Something about it brings a sense of community, comfort and refreshment to my heart and soul. Praying with the prayer team is always a blessing. Mcdonalds and prayer. Best Sunday morning combo!!

Pastor Jennard did a great job exhorting the believers to protect their intimacy with God. To fight for it. That even Paul considered everything else in this world rubbish compared to know Christ. Amen….amen.

VBS meeting to Flag football practice to Volleyball practice. Man was it hot! Walked away from FF just drenched in sweat! Didnt help that I had jeans and a black shirt on while playing.


I decided to join FF this year..after two years of folks asking I should do it now or never. I’m not getting any younger.

Speaking of which…need to record my thoughts on getting older…hmm


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