Surprises after surprises..

It’s been 24 hours since my birthday and I still cannot believe everything that happened from the moment I woke up until the last 30 minutes before I laid my head to rest.

Everything started happening after VBS on Wednesday night when Ivy and I started preparing crafts for the next day. Brian (whose birthday is on the 17th,) left the room and brought his mini birthday cake that was provided by the other brothers. Relit that candle and walked in with it so I could have my blowout. =) Super sweet and so surprised.


June Babies


Brian’s birthday cake



The Day of my Birthday

I’m awaken by the voice of my husband singing, “Happy Birthday”. He walks in with a Choco Pie propped up on wooden sticks and another stick lit up as a candle. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Men don’t have all the abilities of getting details “right” but his effort and heart made me smile. My breath knocked over the Choco Pie and almost caused a hole in my blanket. I got ready for work and left the house munching on my choco pie breakfast. Here a photo timeline of how my day went from work all the way to the evening. So sad my husband and I didn’t take any dinner pictures.



Morning breakfast from the office!



My lovely coworkers


The thickest choco flan cake I have ever seen!


The morning started off with coffee and coffee cake Yum!



Got my birthday hug from Miso. Note: She’s not a hugger but did it anyways just for me .



Time to close the office. Lorena & her husband surprise me with balloons and roses!







Post Dinner surprise at church! They got me this year!!!




I experienced so much gratitude and this state of being “blessed”. And don’t get me wrong, yes “blessed” can be defined in terms of materials and monetary goods but yesterday, if I said I felt “blessed” or “rich”, it was because of the blessings that came through relationships, acquaintances, friendships not necessarily gifts or materials.


So thankful for the people that God has placed around me. Whether it’s my 8 hour shift friends or my spiritual family at Pathway. I am truly blessed with folks who love me because God loved first.



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