Month: July 2014

The thing about trailers…

Caught up with Fated to Love You and before I watched episode 10, I watched the trailer on YT.

운명처럼널 사랑해 10회예고

Everything in episode 9 just went from great to OMG this is horrible. Depressingly horrible.

Fated to Love You EP10 Trailer

Fated to Love You EP10 Trailer

“Pls no, don’t let him die”

“Lol, Don’t worry, he will not going to die..still ep 10..”

How does this apply to me today?

Maybe I’m in a “mood/mode” but Sansan Lai, your comment brought me so much encouragement and hope for today.

Marriage isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work and it’s easy just to get focused on a trailer. The highlights or ..more like the lowlights of things in life. For Fated to Love You, fans know there are 20 episodes that complete the Kdrama.

But don’t worry…it’s still episode 10.

I felt like God was saying to me, “Don’t worry Judy, It’s only Episode 3 (year 3)..there’s still Episode 4, 5,6,7,8 and so on.”


Who would’ve thunk a depressing Kdrama trailer and a comment of a fan would’ve comforted me today.


KDRAMA: Juggle 3 and you’ll survive

If you watch only one Kdrama, you will die. Die from anticipation, die from emotions, die from “gyaaaak”s and die waiting…

Here’s my top Kdrama.

“Fated To Love You” (Korean verision)

20140625-041516I just barely finished Ep 9 during my lunch break and it’s keeling me now. It’s going to go towards a happier direction after this one for sure but..oh how it leaves you hanging on a thread!

When I’m in the “kdrama waiting room” the dramas I watch to prevent death…

It’s Okay, It’s Love

%ED%8F%AC%EC%8A%A4%ED%84%B01I’m enjoying this one though there’s only 2-3 episodes released. It’s surrounded around the field of psychology which is my field. So interesting to see how it’s based on true cases but tied into a Kdrama.

Marriage, Not Dating

mnd4Some of the ladies were telling me to watch this..and lucky me, there’s a lot of episodes already released so it’s a perfect drama to go to while I wait for FTLY.

Any other suggestions on Kdramas? How’s Hotel King?

Lovely Letters July

So this lady friend I met through a mutual friend at bible study one night—It’s been a few years we’ve been IGing/FBing each other here and there. She introduced this snail mail exchanged called “Lovely Letters” and I felt super intimidated because it’s for bloggers. I’m not a blogger. This site you’re looking at.. was barely getting any updates. It was my sad attempt to try to keep track of my life with photos. But after joining Lovely Letters my experience with blogging has actually been quite enjoyable on top of meeting some really grounded bloggers and exchanging snail mail with them.

For the month of July I got paired up with a Texas belle named Katie who loves daisies, has a heart for geeky stuff, loves purples and is really really good at keeping up with her blog. Super impressed. Oh and not to forget that her etiquette is super sweet. Emailing me and giving me updates on her snail mail.

So today I come home kinda bummed. Things I planned for the day didn’t really pan out but I came home to see this package from WOOHOOO TEXAS BABY!!

Sweet Summer goodies from TX!

Sweet Summer goodies from TX!

Now I REALLY need to make a trip out to the beach. So sad. I live in Cali and I barely go to the beach. Love the beach bag and the contents inside! GO FISH BABY! And of course I’m going to use those parasol picks. What a fun way to add some summer! Thank you Katie! I’m gonna enjoy your goodies this summer!

August Lovely Letters. Here. We. Go!

Couldn't agree more.

Couldn’t agree more.


Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Weekly Wishes #2

2013-02-01 17.44.55

Santa Clara, CA


Got through my 1st Weekly Wishes. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But..I’m not going to give up. Here’s my update on WW#1 and  Weekly Wishes #2.


1. Carve out intentional time to pray alone or with other friends.

Difficult. Spending time in the Word was a battle at times but praying was definitely hard. I blame it on my own discovery of Kdramas. Especially Fated to Love and It’s Okay It’s Love. #FAIL

2. Clean the bedroom/Reorganize my dress.

So if there was one thing I did do out of the 3 wishes. Here is it. Here’s my dresser top/makeup/vanity mirror-ish area.

Coffee mug, nail polish, makeup, books and journals thrown on the dresser

Coffee mug, nail polish, makeup, books and journals thrown on the dresser

Looks easier on the eyes.

Looks easier on the eyes.

But I still have a “night stand” filled with coffee mugs, empty water bottles reflecting in the mirror. One part of the bedroom at a time.

3. Secret Sister

I started writing a card and then lost track of time and thought during the week. #FAIL



1. Speak LOVE

I want to speak love into at least 1 person’s life every day of this week. Be positive, speak encouragement and love, comfort, and sometimes speaking love doesn’t always look like speaking.

2. Secret Sister

Gonna take another stab at this.

3. Clean my car (Inside & Out)

So It’s blazing hot in Cali and we’re in drought but I’ve left my car unwashed for over months now to save water but it’s getting pretty bad especially with the heat baking bird poo on my hood. Gonna do a full car wash service inside and out. A MUST.

Here’s to another week! FIGHTING!


The Nectar Collective
If you’d like to find out more about Weekly Wishes. click above. (Excuse the profanity)

San Francisco City Impact

What a Saturday.

1st time at SF City Impact and it was AMAZING. I really didn’t know what to expect other than what they posted on their website.  The time of worship we had with everybody together was solid and nourishing for the heart and soul. Dave Lomas from Reality in SF shared a word that spoke so clearly about how God has rescued us/saved us to live a life of righteousness (Tzedek) and justice (mishpat-Hebrew). The emphasis that this isn’t done in a one time event but as a lifestyle.


Finally arrived after a late start in the morning! SF City Impact here we go!

Finally arrived after a late start in the morning! SF City Impact here we go!

Signed up to volunteer at the UN Prayer Tent.

Signed up to volunteer at the UN Prayer Tent.

City Impact hosted an event where the folks from the Tenderloin could come and receive services like free donated clothing, medical checkups, haircuts, free boxed lunch and prayer. They even had a rocking soulful choir performing inspirational songs. Small flyers were distributed as an invitation and it was quite a sight to see folks from the TL come out of their hiding places.

The haircut station was right next to the prayer tent. They would smile once they looked at themselves in the mirror. What they see in themselves plays a huge part of their health. Whether it was a beard or a nagging hair that was trimmed. They appreciated it a lot.

The UN Prayer Tent Team

The UN Prayer Tent Team

Baljit Singh. Brenner praying for healing

Baljit Singh

Before the tents were opened, we were encouraged to go out to those who were waiting and start conversations or invitations to be prayed for. I felt led to sit down next to a woman who had her shopping cart filled with her belongings. I went over and said hello but got the coldest response of silence and even a mean mugging look. I didn’t feel led to move. (Of course hoping that something in our circumstances would change and she would talk to me.) Only a few minutes later, Baljit walked up to me and said, “Mamasita, what time this start?” The piece of paper in his hand was a City Impact invitation and that just opened up a long conversation of him telling his story. He sat next to me and he shared his story of coming to America with a dream to make money to send back to his family in India. 1992 is when he came with a lot of dreams. His father passed away but his mom and two sisters are in India. I asked if he could contact them he said, “Somebody took it. (numbers/contacts) and I don’t have phone.” Sad. It’s a real rare moment when you meet an Indian homeless man. Living in the Silicon Valley, you never see an Indian homeless man.  On top of that he’s been unemployed for the last 10 years, living from shelter to shelter or just corners.

Looked down and saw he had a walking boot. His big toe was partially amputated because of diabetes. Monday he had another appointment to go in and they might have to amputate more because it’s getting worse. My heart broke. Partially because I saw Baljit as my husband in 20 years or less and he also seemed like a father to me. If my father or husband was homeless I would feel so heartbroken.

Alcohol was evident and his teeth were rotting really badly. His front 4 teeth were all gone and I initially thought, “Wow, Baljit you have some really long teeth.” but I realized it was unhealthy gums that were receding.

We hung out a bit and talked some more. Soon his responses became short with , “I don’t know..I don’t know.” I wanted to learn more about his story. How he ended up homeless and unemployed..but with answers like ” I don’t know.” It seemed like he really didn’t know. Like a slippery slope of one mistake or bad circumstance after another…you can’t control it and next thing you know you find yourself homeless and unemployed…

We got in and stood in line to enter the event. Poor guy, kept massaging his foot. I couldn’t imagine how much pain must be going through his foot. Grabbed a folding chair to lessen the weight and pressure. The lines were so long for the clothing “store”. I wanted to get him to the medical station first but his primary goal was to get a pair of jeans. Grabbed him a boxed lunch for his diabetes and then I had to return back to the tent. I kept a watchful eye over him to make sure he was moving along and at some point I had to ask a volunteer to get him in..but that would be the last time I see him…

Being a sensitive type, I want to go back next weekend and sit in that alley and look for Baljit but, I know that’s not as easily done. So pray. Pray. Pray.

"We start with Jesus and we end with Jesus"

“We start with Jesus and we end with Jesus”

Behind us was this building that said TRUTH.

Behind us was this building that said TRUTH. Not sure who or what it meant but I pray TRUTH would come and set people in the TL free from addictions, pain, illness and darkness.

Guess who was in the house?

Tired and hungry but so full in our spirits.

Of course we go for AYCE Korean BBQ. YUM!!!

I plan on going back next year. There’s a huge need in the TL. An area that’s been given up and called hopeless but our God is a God of hope. He takes even the most broken places and restores them..


Ghetto but we LOVE it

Another Korean BBQ feast.. this time in the church parking lot. Now now…. we do kbbq anywhere anytime. Ghetto or no ghetto.





When this group expanded.. it was a test of faith but seeing where we’re at now, I wouldn’t change anything.

4 trays of meat
Coke* Dcoke to wash it down
Tons of veggies and side dishes.
We did it right tonight.