Lovely Letters July

So this lady friend I met through a mutual friend at bible study one night—It’s been a few years we’ve been IGing/FBing each other here and there. She introduced this snail mail exchanged called “Lovely Letters” and I felt super intimidated because it’s for bloggers. I’m not a blogger. This site you’re looking at.. was barely getting any updates. It was my sad attempt to try to keep track of my life with photos. But after joiningΒ Lovely LettersΒ my experience with blogging has actually been quite enjoyable on top of meeting some really grounded bloggers and exchanging snail mail with them.

For the month of July I got paired up with a Texas belle named KatieΒ who loves daisies, has a heart for geeky stuff, loves purples and is really really good at keeping up with her blog. Super impressed. Oh and not to forget that her etiquette is super sweet. Emailing me and giving me updates on her snail mail.

So today I come home kinda bummed. Things I planned for the day didn’t really pan out but I came home to see this package from WOOHOOO TEXAS BABY!!

Sweet Summer goodies from TX!

Sweet Summer goodies from TX!

Now I REALLY need to make a trip out to the beach. So sad. I live in Cali and I barely go to the beach. Love the beach bag and the contents inside! GO FISH BABY! And of course I’m going to use those parasol picks. What a fun way to add some summer! Thank you Katie! I’m gonna enjoy your goodies this summer!

August Lovely Letters. Here. We. Go!

Couldn't agree more.

Couldn’t agree more.


Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange


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