Month: August 2014


Woke up today dreaming of China.

Last night had a chance to chat with a really young student I met in 2012. Ruby is her name. She was probably in elementary school. I want to say oh…5th grade maybe? Super petite shy young girl.

We had to use some photos to explain how and where we met that year.


Charis and Ruby

I dreamt that I was at the CIC 2014 orientation. Our good friend Seb had flown into the US to share about what God is doing. Many people were there dressed in the same uniform/shirt. Off white short sleeved button down shirts with some stripes of red trim on their sleeves and front pockets. We, including my husband were all gathered around just waiting for the meeting to begin…

Somehow I knew he was going and I was just there to support him…..

Boy I miss China. Anticipating great things this year.


A Church Without Walls

Our CG aka the Church picked up and had church in a middle school classroom last night.  It was a night I had been waiting for our CG to experience together. To take the church outside the walls of the church building. One of our members just started as a Math teacher at a nearby middle school. To celebrate God’s faithfulness and for the purpose of “blessing” her on her new job, we wanted to have our bible study at her room and pray not only for her but her students, faculty members and campus.

Personally, it’s been YEARS ( I shall not specify how many) since I visited a middle school. Even though it wasn’t my middle school, the building styles,  colors and interior reminded me of my middle school days. Denise is actually a graduate of this school so it felt really nice to be able to come back and visit her old stomping grounds.

On our way into the campus

On our way into the campus

I never studied in a Portable. It was always those classrooms with the folding “accordian” walls. Once I walked it, so many memories came flooding back. The old school speakers on the walls, the plastic chairs attached to the desk, the wooden cupboards and the pinned up rules and images.

Getting settled in.

Getting settled in.

Our gathering had 2 last minute surprises. Fenny our Indonesian chef was bored last night and cooked enough food for us to eat together as dinner! YES! On top of that Gina wanted to get the group milk tea. Double Jackpot! To hear how people are eager to share and bless one another in the group bring so much joy to my heart. It’s naturally produced care and desire within the group. How beautiful is that!!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Fenny’s UHMAYZING food. Nobody says no to her food ever! Beef Rendang and Sambal Kentang

It felt like I was back in middle school. We rearranged the desks and had lunch the students would..facing each other. It was so nostalgic and cute.  Ira ended up in the “teacher’s spot” and tried to explain Hemoglobin I think.

Ira's =)

Ira’s Hemo….talk =)

Our time of study was good and I wasn’t sure if I asked the right questions. After reading an article called “Eight Traits of Good Teaching”  from Desiring God I’ve realized the importance of learning and challenging myself as the “spiritual leader” of this CG. Never think you’ve “arrived” and kick up your feet…

One of the highlights of the evening was getting to pray for Gina and her students. With some prayer guidelines we spread out into the classroom and prayed over the topics. Whether we know it or not, prayer shifts the universe and to watch these ladies extend their heart’s cry to God for these young individuals was absolutely beautiful. A picture of the Church that prays not just for pastors, missionaries and believers.

Praying for the next generation..

Praying for the next generation..

My heart wanted these ladies to experience hands on how the Church is completely capable of going out of the building. That worship isn’t limited to the privacy of homes and the church building. We can do anywhere. My hope and prayer for these ladies is that their hearts would have expanded from this gathering. Maybe something new was planted. Something new, local and as close to their hearts as their own childhood school.

Lord, let it be so..

Tonight's CG and their encouragement basket to Ms. Kim. (Missed Grace & Carol)

Tonight’s CG and their encouragement basket to Ms. Kim. (Missed Grace & Carol)

As the group prepares to multiply there’s this feeling of “I wish I did more” but I cannot cling onto that idea for it will be futile.

Loved worshipping our God with them…

The struggles and interruptions..

It’s only 1:21pm and I feel like many things have happened since the moment God opened my eyes. It’s the feeling of being alive and realizing there’s so much more than just completing another day of 9-5. It’s so much more complicated and complex than that.

This morning He spoke. Clearly into my heart He spoke.

Psalm 143:8 ESV

Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

As I got ready for work, the dreaded reminder that today is Wednesday aka CG night came over me. It’s not the gathering itself that gets me groaning in fact meeting together in fellowship brings about the very opposite reaction. It’s knowing that today may be filled with struggles, opposition, distractions. I thought back to tonight’s CG material where it was reminded how important it is to be alert because the enemy is like a lion on the prowl looking for somebody to devour.

1 Peter 5:8

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

It’s been about 24 hours since a new movement and plan for CG was established. Tonight is the night we share what/where/how God is leading and already from the morning, it has begun.
“OH enemy…you try but it will not be easy. You’re clever. Very clever but God is bigger.”















Determined to move forward while doors are open and the light is still green….


These struggles whether to distract or to refine the faith–does not matter to me today. It is fixing my eyes on what God has done and called…




I shall probably need to revisit this again later down the road…






I’ve been wanting to blog about my all time hands down favorite moisturizer. Thought I’d turn it into a TOP TEN TUESDAY. So I use all these items more than 3 times a week depending on the mood and how much time I have ^__^.

10. Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original & Sin)

Went through bottles and tubes of Original until my friend gave me Sin and I love how it brings this light shimmer ( depending on how much you apply) I can bring it down to the inner corners of my eyes and it works as a highlight as well.

Greed, Eden, Original, Sin

Greed, Eden, Original, Sin (L-R) See the theme in their names?













9. Innisfree’s Olive Real Power Cream ♥

This is UHMAYZING! I wish I bought 5 jars of this stuff to last me the whole year. I received my 1st jar as a gift and I was surprised at how long the moisturizer lasted throughout the day. I have combination skin and I need something that isn’t too oily/runny. This is my perfect solution.


Pretty thick and rich.

Pretty thick and rich.

















Plus I don’t need to use a lot. Just a few dabs all over my face and DONE! It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy as if there’s a layer of product over my skin. It gets absorbed really well.

8. Urban Decay Naked Skin  Foundation: I use 5.0. I didn’t think it would fit me at the time but as summer came around it worked just fine. It’s considered light coverage but it gave more coverage than I thought.


7. Daiso Eyebrow Pencil: Dark Brown


Cheap and lasts a long time!













6. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara
I’m usually hesitant when they release lash lengthening mascara. It does get clumpy pretty quickly as I assume the formula is just like that so start at the roots and wiggle as you apply. =)

My Go-To Mascara

My Go-To Mascara

Noteworthy: my runner up.

Noteworthy: my runner up.




















5. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner-Perversion.

The best waterproof eyeliner IMO

The best waterproof eyeliner IMO

I LOVE this eyeliner. It’s super pigmented aka it doesn’t appear gray or dark brown. It makes my dark brown eyes look …brown so that’s a nice extra. I’ve cried in this, walked through rain int his and played sports with this on. Doesn’t budge. Washing it off isn’t as tricky as a waterproof mascara. It rubs off like a very thin layer of plastic/glue.



4. Sephora Translucent Setting Powder


Good for holding down the concealer and shine =)











3. Urban Decay Naked Basics

Love this combination!

Love this combination!

To the naked eye it looks like a bunch of nudes/browns but when you play around with the colors and blend it through, it actually creates some great “muted” colors and it’s great to use over other shades to “mute” it.

2. NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart

my 1st "pink" lipstick

my 1st “pink” lipstick










1. Carmex  Original Lip Balm

SPF15. Helps my lips hold a barrier between my lips and the lipstick. Plus keeps it moisturized. It has become such a huge part of my daily life that I keep one at the office, at home and of course in my purse.


What’s your top ten daily makeup routine consist of?

A New Journey..

I don’t believe things happen by accident. Everything is known by my sovereign God who has the ability to pull a red light or a green light based on His purposes,…which almost all of them, I do not know. But one thing I do know this morning, is He’s alive. Alive not only in my life but in other’s as well. 

I’m completely behind on blogging this weekend. So much to write about..the trio’s remaining time together, Pathway’s baptism and the things God was just pressing on my heart, and then my interesting afternoon/evening. The day ended with information and confirmations that I was not expecting at all -both good and bad but in the end, God is in control and He’s up to something. 

When you hear about two opportunities to embark on, you would hope both are good. In my scenario, one of fabulous and the other is heartbreaking. Phone calls both one after another….

Fabulous shouts to me:

” I am doing a new work and I’ve confirmed it and worked it both in your hearts. Seek me and trust me with all your hearts Step out of the boat and walk to me. I am with you.” 

Heartbreaking shouts to me: 

“I am doing a new work and I’ve confirmed it and worked it both in your hearts. Seek me and trust me with all your hearts. Step out of the boat and walk to me. I am with you.” 

“I’m glad you’re surprisingly calm about it.” says my friend who broke the heartbreaking news. 

I kept thinking, “Am I in denial of this bad news?” I accept it as a fact. “Am I apathetic towards the situation?” No, I’m sad that this is happening and want to seek God out. All my self-reflection questions led me to one solid truth: 

God is God and I am not. 

We both came to a conclusion that there was absolutely NOTHING we could do other than seek God and ask for His work to be done. Our hands are up and the white flag is waving. If that is the I need to fret and worry? No..He is in control. He is God and I am not. Done deal on the heart issue. Sometimes I forget how relieving it is to trust in our God. How wonderfully light the burden is when we surrender and realize the reality that God is the one who can…not me. Because if it depended on me..oh man would I stress and struggle. 

God’s doing a new work. As I reflect on yesterday’s baptism and the background story to it, I can’t help but trust God even more. As I reflect on yesterday’s fabulous conversation, and how two hearts were in agreement to where God was leading, I can’t help but trust God even more. As I reflect on yesterday’s heartbreaking conversation and see that God is clearly in charge from the moment I wake up until the lay my head to rest, I can’t help but trust God even more. 


“It may not be the way I would have chosen. When You lead me through a world that’s not my home. But You never said it would be easy. You only said I’d never go alone.”





This month I was introduced to a classy Californian named Hsaio-Ting aka Shouting. (Side note: How cool is a name like “Shouting” Check out her blog in the link!)

This lady has class. I mean I’m a tomboy and shirt-jeans type of gal but to read her blog and see the adventures she goes on, I was quite impressed and an online “admirer” minus the creepy factor.

Getting to know Shouting was such a delight. She’s got some wild and crazy stories/facts on her blog that I LOVE. I mean seriously,

COOL FACT No. 2893482713847

“I was born in Taiwan and lived on a farm. I had a dog and monkey that was friends with each other. They used to walk me to the school bus stop in the morning and would be there in the afternoon to walk me back home.”


I started imagining this young asian girl walking on a dirt road with a dog and monkey. Monkey riding on the dog? Monkey “wobbling” behind as the dog walked next to her? Monkey sitting on her shoulder?!?!? The possibilities are endless. Cool I say. Just simply COOL!

I got my USPS ” We came by to deliver” notice and rushed over on Friday to pick up the package. Friday was craaazy but receiving her package was like icing on the cake! The courier walked out with a heavy shoebox and I thought, “Oh my word, what have we here?!?!” I shook it a few times like a kid on Christmas morning and it rattled! Curious!


Jumped on my bed and ripped the wrapping open..WOOPS!



Oh man….I got too excited! Colorful sequins flew in the air and onto my bed. Love the decorations! I had to pick up all the sequins and try to reconstruct her original design!

I love it!

I love it!

What really got to me was that she’s a wax seal stamper like me! Gaah I knew I should’ve busted it out for mine.

I love wax seals. Thank you for such attention and details Shouting!

I love wax seals. Thank you for such attention and details Shouting!


I was in for a huge surprise once the lid was off. I think my jaw dropped and rolled underneath the bed. She had really outdone herself and blown any anticipation/giddy expectations out of the water!! Check this box out!!


Always be full of Joy in the Lord. Amen. Yes thank you for that encouragement sister! So before she was a Californian she was a New Yorker and an Atlantan. She really got a good portion of US flavor over her Taiwanese roots. From animals walking her to school in the countryside to the Big Apple and Peach State, I assume it must have been difficult to acclimate. Even though I have never met Shouting, her blog and present life makes my heart feel 뿌듯하다. (I know I’m a fob too at times.) Google Translate says : Proud. I would add content and satisfied to that. Something about a life overcoming unknown barriers is more than enough reason to feel proud.



Where can I begin? I hit the asian snack jackpot! Her Taiwanese snacks like pineapple cake, milk puffs and instant milk tea! *drool* Peach gummies to represent Atlant and chocolate from Ghiradelli’s for SAN FRAN! I have never had Boston Baked Beans but that was definitely the rattler of the package. I shall give it a try! Ah…My heart (and stomach) is full just looking at this. Extra sticky notes and pen for my writing adventures.

It’s been quite the blessing to have met Shouting and even more so that she’s a fellow believer. Been so blessed through my experience in Lovely Letters, I need to up my game and be a blessing/encouragement to others!

Thank you Shouting! I look forward to seeing how God works in your life sis!



Interested in being a part of Lovely Letters? Here are the details for September’s snail mail exchange:

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Since everyone is getting their packages at different times, the link up will be open until Sept 26th.

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

TRIO REUNION: 8.22.2014

I have been waiting patiently for this weekend.
The TRIO has been reunited and our 1st day (half day) was hours of laughter and fun. God knows I needed some laughter and fun this week. What a work week.

First off,…who is the Trio?

Trio consists of my 2nd cousin Cynthia whom I met in Korea after my mother passed away. I never knew I had relatives other than my cousins in the States. I met her briefly in Korea at my uncle’s place while on vacay and a few years later she immigrated to the States..I think we were in 4th/5th grade when we reunited and we haven’t been separated since.

I met Julie in 1996 (thank you for refreshing my memory) She was friends with Cynthia and some other friends. It wasn’t until college/post college where our relationship grew. Our late night talks and prayer for youth ministry and of course probably the most eating, drinking, NRBing happened with her and Cynthia.

I’m the only one that stayed in the US. These two had plans to move to Korea and work. It was always difficult to manage the friendship overseas but it’s has survived over 17 years (since Julie) of relocating, distance and different life stages.

So that’s us.. Here’s our 1st day together~

We had dinner at our go to restaurant nearby: Texas Roadhouse. It wasn’t our first choice but after Formosa in Newark closed everything else just seemed bland. Stuffed ourselves and went to Super Cue for some dessert and headed back to “homebase”.

We spent our evening getting Julie ready for her friend’s wedding with a mani/pedi.

This is her proposed position to get her nails done ^__^

This is her proposed position to get her nails done ^__^

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Royal treatment for our guest.






The evening continued with playing dress up. I have to add that Cynthia’s “walk in closet room” is like a ladie’s playground to be experimental and as girly as they want. She has nail polishes, accessories and makeup like a professional.  We LOL’d and acted silly (because we can) the rest of the night away. It was as if we had picked up life right where we left it off.

We’re not a fancy schmancy trio of friendships. We’re not rich to begin with so our roots take us back to places where we had the most memories like restaurants, NRB, movie theaters and inside the comfort of our homes. I can be me with them . Transparent but safe, Honest but in love…