2014 Vball Champs

What a day. Early morning start at the park to root for my family of faith in a volleyball tournament. (Unfortunately I slept around 2:40am watching Kdramas…only to wake up around 7am. #kdramaswillkillyou)


All teams

Four team representing Pathway Bible Fellowship. Pregame photo.


Patriotic Koreanas

We were scheduled to play at 10:50am so the ladies decided to take a walk down the street to Psycho Donuts. I’ve always seen posts on IG and today, I get to contribute my portion.



My tentacle lover April


Dead Elvis: Elvis’ favorite combination was Bananas & PB. (Thanks Marie for the fact!)


No doubt about it!


We got Psycho and headed back to the grass


So now the games officially started and man I don’t know how I can post all these photos but I grabbed what showed to me : athleticism, humility, unity, and awesome sportsmanship from all 4 teams!


Their performance was superb. I was so proud of these athletes. In the finals it was a tough neck to neck game against my former home church but love: World Mission. Their team was stacked with veterans and fresh young players. It was a really fun and thrilling game to watch and cheer for. Both teams gave it their all and showed wonderful attitudes.

A huge congratulations to all the teams and Soli Deogloria! We placed 1st & 3rd this year. Until next year….


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