Weekly Wishes #3



Wow. I would hope it would be better by Week #2. Nope. E-P-I-C-F-A-I-L. Here’s my sad recap.


1. Speak LOVE

Had a couple of moments to do so with my husband which even having that opportunity, meant the world to me.  Along with sisters and coworkers. But! I don’t want to give up on this one. Keep practicing this language. Let it be a lifestyle.

2. Secret Sister

Secret Sister is literally a secret …still. Not sure if I want to give this another try. 

3. Clean my car (Inside & Out)

I SO WISH I DID THIS! But no sadly, I couldn’t get my car over to the carwash. Busyness has taken over. 



1. Finish Applied Learning Paper #1 of 2

I am 2 papers away from being completely done with school. I have been dreading these two numbers: 15 & 16. My presentations are due that day. Two 7-8 page papers. Here we go.

2. Clean my car

I actually have more freetime this week. No excuse. Get in line and get it done.

3. Buy a phone case/cover ASAP

The Mister surprised me with an upgrade to my phone. The thought was so kind and generous of him! This phone is so thin, slippery and fragile I can’t seem to treat it the way I treated my previous phone. The only semi protective case for the LG G3, seems like a cover which I “dun like” because the cover/flap gets in the way of holding the phone comfortably. One drop and this is dead for sure. Anybody have any suggestions? Etsy, here I come!


The Nectar Collective






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