My sweet niece on my wedding day. She was mesmerized by the sparklers. ♥

Here’s last week’s Weekly Wishes: 

1. SPEAK LOVE- I think it’s gotten better. Especially with my husband this past week. 

2. SECRET SISTER- I sent a package out but it wasn’t secret. Gonna keep trying on this one.

3. CLEAN MY CAR (INSIDE OUT)- I don’t know why I can’t get my butt & car over to the car wash. (sigh)

OKAY! Brand new week.. Fresh new start. I gotta keep going!

Weekly Wishes #4: 

1. CLEAN MY CAR (INSIDE OUT)  This is going to be REALLY difficult this week because I have 3 papers due this Saturday. Well Friday 11:59pm to be exact. 

2. FINISH LAST 3 PAPERS of SCHOOL– Forever and ever until God calls me back into school. My last 3 presentations. 1- 3 pg 1-5pg 1 7pg. YOWZERS!

3. RECYCLE– It’s gotten pretty ridiculous over the months. I can’t see part of our dining room floor. Once class presentations are over this Saturday, I’m heading over to the recycling center.




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