Woke up this morning from a dream that I was in a country speaking Korean. We were gathered with many in a room and I was about to close out our gathering with prayer or a farewell. An individual raised their hand and said,
“________ 가 예수님을 믿고 싶데요!!”
So and so says he wants to believe in Jesus!

It was a young man..probably in his teens or early 20s. We sat down and before I prayed for him I had this strong urge to ask him the same questions PB asks when he baptizes folks as well as ask what he believes in or knows about Jesus.

I asked him in Korean:
“Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose three days later from the grave and ascended?”


“Ok. The moment you believe in Jesus you will be given the Holy Spirit…..”

“성령님이 뭐에요?”
What is the Holy Spirit?

There was nobody who understood English enough or had knowledge of spiritual terminology in Korean in the room.

” The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus who is also known as the Helper and the Comforter. The Holy Spirit will come in your heart and live there to help you grow and follow Jesus’ commands.”

Oh I see..yes. I believe.

Then I began explaining the persecution he would face for following Christ.

” Are you still willing to follow Jesus even when you are mistreated or persecuted for being a Christian?”

“그게 무슨 뜻이에요??”
What does that mean?”

” In the Bible there was persecution or suffering for those who believed and followed Jesus. People were mistreated and unfairly. I have experienced mistreatment for being a Christian although it is nothing compared to what others around the world are going through..but the Bible says it will happen to all…”

I was interrupted by another male student in there room.
” 지금 뭐 하는거에요!!”
What are you doing/talking about?!?!”

I tried to explain that this young man needs to be informed and needs to know what he is believing in..

As I was talking a former pastor friend walked into the room and I tried to explain the situation to him. In the background I saw that male student grab the wrist of an older student. They both approached the potential New believer and tried to drag him into a room and perhaps lead him into the same “accept Jesus” prayer.

The pastor spoke and stopped them..

That’s when I woke up…

Felt so real.


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