I can’t believe it’s already the 2nd half of August. Seriously where is the time going? Well, at least it still feels like Summer.

This weekend was chaotic with school and church. I am officially now 1 class away from completely being DONE. DUNZO with William Jessup University. I had my 2nd to last Applied Learning presentation. I kinda wish I took a picture with the professor, Brian Pearson. Him and his wife Judy were a great duo for some of my classes. Had to take the MIPS (Millions Index Personality Styles test)Β  and FIBRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) and write a paper on what I learned about me. I only have 1 result back so far so that paper is still due. Thankfully the teach gave me a 1 week extension without penalty.

This test told me I"m a closet introvert.

This test told me I”m a closet introvert.

After class was done I headed over to MerLion in Cupe-town to meet up with our Mission Peak team: Jina* Fenny* Carol. I never had a desire to check out the placeΒ because it seemed so fancy but a couple of bites of their food: DELISH! I must see if the mister will want to try out some Singaporean cuisine with me.


Fenny checking out the drink “gun”


Jordan returned for worship again!

FF Lunch

Flag Football Lunching @ Las Vegas

The Ladies of FF: Annie & Najwa not pictured

The Ladies of FF: Annie & Najwa not pictured

Can’t believe we’re less than 3 practices away from the actual tournament. Defense is looking HAWT out there!

Looking forward to that day.. in the meantime, receiver gloves. hmmmm.


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