TRIO REUNION: 8.22.2014

I have been waiting patiently for this weekend.
The TRIO has been reunited and our 1st day (half day) was hours of laughter and fun. God knows I needed some laughter and fun this week. What a work week.

First off,…who is the Trio?

Trio consists of my 2nd cousin Cynthia whom I met in Korea after my mother passed away. I never knew I had relatives other than my cousins in the States. I met her briefly in Korea at my uncle’s place while on vacay and a few years later she immigrated to the States..I think we were in 4th/5th grade when we reunited and we haven’t been separated since.

I met Julie in 1996 (thank you for refreshing my memory) She was friends with Cynthia and some other friends. It wasn’t until college/post college where our relationship grew. Our late night talks and prayer for youth ministry and of course probably the most eating, drinking, NRBing happened with her and Cynthia.

I’m the only one that stayed in the US. These two had plans to move to Korea and work. It was always difficult to manage the friendship overseas but it’s has survived over 17 years (since Julie) of relocating, distance and different life stages.

So that’s us.. Here’s our 1st day together~

We had dinner at our go to restaurant nearby: Texas Roadhouse. It wasn’t our first choice but after Formosa in Newark closed everything else just seemed bland. Stuffed ourselves and went to Super Cue for some dessert and headed back to “homebase”.

We spent our evening getting Julie ready for her friend’s wedding with a mani/pedi.

This is her proposed position to get her nails done ^__^

This is her proposed position to get her nails done ^__^

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Royal treatment for our guest.






The evening continued with playing dress up. I have to add that Cynthia’s “walk in closet room” is like a ladie’s playground to be experimental and as girly as they want. She has nail polishes, accessories and makeup like a professional. Β We LOL’d and acted silly (because we can) the rest of the night away. It was as if we had picked up life right where we left it off.

We’re not a fancy schmancy trio of friendships. We’re not rich to begin with so our roots take us back to places where we had the most memories like restaurants, NRB, movie theaters and inside the comfort of our homes. I can be me with them . Transparent but safe, Honest but in love…








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