I’ve been wanting to blog about my all time hands down favorite moisturizer. Thought I’d turn it into a TOP TEN TUESDAY. So I use all these items more than 3 times a week depending on the mood and how much time I have ^__^.

10. Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original & Sin)

Went through bottles and tubes of Original until my friend gave me Sin and I love how it brings this light shimmer ( depending on how much you apply) I can bring it down to the inner corners of my eyes and it works as a highlight as well.

Greed, Eden, Original, Sin

Greed, Eden, Original, Sin (L-R) See the theme in their names?













9. Innisfree’s Olive Real Power Cream ♥

This is UHMAYZING! I wish I bought 5 jars of this stuff to last me the whole year. I received my 1st jar as a gift and I was surprised at how long the moisturizer lasted throughout the day. I have combination skin and I need something that isn’t too oily/runny. This is my perfect solution.


Pretty thick and rich.

Pretty thick and rich.

















Plus I don’t need to use a lot. Just a few dabs all over my face and DONE! It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy as if there’s a layer of product over my skin. It gets absorbed really well.

8. Urban Decay Naked Skin  Foundation: I use 5.0. I didn’t think it would fit me at the time but as summer came around it worked just fine. It’s considered light coverage but it gave more coverage than I thought.


7. Daiso Eyebrow Pencil: Dark Brown


Cheap and lasts a long time!













6. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara
I’m usually hesitant when they release lash lengthening mascara. It does get clumpy pretty quickly as I assume the formula is just like that so start at the roots and wiggle as you apply. =)

My Go-To Mascara

My Go-To Mascara

Noteworthy: my runner up.

Noteworthy: my runner up.




















5. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner-Perversion.

The best waterproof eyeliner IMO

The best waterproof eyeliner IMO

I LOVE this eyeliner. It’s super pigmented aka it doesn’t appear gray or dark brown. It makes my dark brown eyes look …brown so that’s a nice extra. I’ve cried in this, walked through rain int his and played sports with this on. Doesn’t budge. Washing it off isn’t as tricky as a waterproof mascara. It rubs off like a very thin layer of plastic/glue.



4. Sephora Translucent Setting Powder


Good for holding down the concealer and shine =)











3. Urban Decay Naked Basics

Love this combination!

Love this combination!

To the naked eye it looks like a bunch of nudes/browns but when you play around with the colors and blend it through, it actually creates some great “muted” colors and it’s great to use over other shades to “mute” it.

2. NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart

my 1st "pink" lipstick

my 1st “pink” lipstick










1. Carmex  Original Lip Balm

SPF15. Helps my lips hold a barrier between my lips and the lipstick. Plus keeps it moisturized. It has become such a huge part of my daily life that I keep one at the office, at home and of course in my purse.


What’s your top ten daily makeup routine consist of?



  1. ooo… I always like reading about makeup… haha it’s because I know nothing about it and wish I did. I’m trying to be a lady but there’s lots of work to do. lol

  2. ooo~ nice! #10, the first item you listed is actually my most recent makeup purchase! the primer has seriously changed how makeup is applied. also, i noticed that you use a lot of urban decay products in this list. have you found more luck with this brand than others?

    1. I’m a UD fan although I can’t afford all their makeup. lol Primer, I haven’t changed once. I think I’m the type where if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it approach with makeup. It’s rare to find a good match and scary to meet the wrong match. What’s your top recommendation?

      1. The UD primer! It changed how makeup is applied to my face and I’m amazed by how long my makeup lasts on my eyes now. Not that I wear a ton to begin with but most of it doesn’t make it through the workday usually…

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