A Church Without Walls

Our CG aka the Church picked up and had church in a middle school classroom last night.  It was a night I had been waiting for our CG to experience together. To take the church outside the walls of the church building. One of our members just started as a Math teacher at a nearby middle school. To celebrate God’s faithfulness and for the purpose of “blessing” her on her new job, we wanted to have our bible study at her room and pray not only for her but her students, faculty members and campus.

Personally, it’s been YEARS ( I shall not specify how many) since I visited a middle school. Even though it wasn’t my middle school, the building styles,  colors and interior reminded me of my middle school days. Denise is actually a graduate of this school so it felt really nice to be able to come back and visit her old stomping grounds.

On our way into the campus

On our way into the campus

I never studied in a Portable. It was always those classrooms with the folding “accordian” walls. Once I walked it, so many memories came flooding back. The old school speakers on the walls, the plastic chairs attached to the desk, the wooden cupboards and the pinned up rules and images.

Getting settled in.

Getting settled in.

Our gathering had 2 last minute surprises. Fenny our Indonesian chef was bored last night and cooked enough food for us to eat together as dinner! YES! On top of that Gina wanted to get the group milk tea. Double Jackpot! To hear how people are eager to share and bless one another in the group bring so much joy to my heart. It’s naturally produced care and desire within the group. How beautiful is that!!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Fenny’s UHMAYZING food. Nobody says no to her food ever! Beef Rendang and Sambal Kentang

It felt like I was back in middle school. We rearranged the desks and had lunch the students would..facing each other. It was so nostalgic and cute.  Ira ended up in the “teacher’s spot” and tried to explain Hemoglobin I think.

Ira's Hemo....talk =)

Ira’s Hemo….talk =)

Our time of study was good and I wasn’t sure if I asked the right questions. After reading an article called “Eight Traits of Good Teaching”  from Desiring God I’ve realized the importance of learning and challenging myself as the “spiritual leader” of this CG. Never think you’ve “arrived” and kick up your feet…

One of the highlights of the evening was getting to pray for Gina and her students. With some prayer guidelines we spread out into the classroom and prayed over the topics. Whether we know it or not, prayer shifts the universe and to watch these ladies extend their heart’s cry to God for these young individuals was absolutely beautiful. A picture of the Church that prays not just for pastors, missionaries and believers.

Praying for the next generation..

Praying for the next generation..

My heart wanted these ladies to experience hands on how the Church is completely capable of going out of the building. That worship isn’t limited to the privacy of homes and the church building. We can do anywhere. My hope and prayer for these ladies is that their hearts would have expanded from this gathering. Maybe something new was planted. Something new, local and as close to their hearts as their own childhood school.

Lord, let it be so..

Tonight's CG and their encouragement basket to Ms. Kim. (Missed Grace & Carol)

Tonight’s CG and their encouragement basket to Ms. Kim. (Missed Grace & Carol)

As the group prepares to multiply there’s this feeling of “I wish I did more” but I cannot cling onto that idea for it will be futile.

Loved worshipping our God with them…



  1. This is really cool… Love how you went to the school, had your group there, and prayed for the students and teachers. I assume cg stands for community group? I have a friend who goes to a big church and they used the same abbreviation. As you described here, this is what god intended for the church; a breathing moveable body beyond walls that loves and meets the needs of others. Beautiful.

  2. I LOVE this title. It actually reminded me of my church in Boston. They were a seed church so we actually just met at the pastor’s house. I remember the pastor saying, church isn’t about having a building but community with each other and we are all part of the church. The food looks amazing! I remember when I would help the pastor’s wife make lunch after service. *sigh. Made me miss my church in Boston.

      1. I’ve been visiting Epic church right now. All the churches here are kinda big and I guess I kinda feel lost. My husband told me I just need to get plug in to build a community. I guess I’m not use to big churches since I’ve been going to smaller churches in Atlanta and Boston.

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