WEEKEND REVIEW: Farewell Dear Summer


RSVP’d for Flag football conditioning even though I wasn’t going to be able to practice the next day. I really needed to squeeze in some sort of exercise. A huge thanks to Marie for faithfully setting these up and Mike for opening up his home for breakfast. =)


Marie’s awesome layout of ingredients transformed into this:


The Louisiana belle had me try the jalapeno spread with fresh cut tomatoes. I was skeptical at first but WOW I am a believer! Everything was so good! The scramble, the fresh strawberries, the juice, the company! LOVED IT!



JP wanted to get away and spend some time together. It’s usually when we’re both not scheduled to serve that we take a chance to visit a local church and worship in a different environment. There’s pros and cons to it but it keeps our mind fresh to the Church outside of Pathway. We experience different worship styles of songs, prayers, sermons and church organization. This Sunday we checked out  Grace Presbyterian Church‘s Palo Alto location at Gunn High School. (affiliated with Tim Keller’s church)

I wasn’t raised in a Presbyterian church like JP was so the whole format was new to me. I’m usually used to the format of categorizing and keep all compartments of worship generally together. For example, worship through songs will be a set of 4-5 songs with allowance for prayer. At GPC, scripture reading, specific prayer topics such as repentance/confession and thanksgiving were separately intertwined between songs. They sang mostly hymns which was refreshing. Pastor Iron Kim did a “teaching” message than a preaching message. (What’s the difference you ask? I didn’t know either but here’s an easy way to see it. Click HERE)


It was definitely different. Some obvious “new” things were the conservative ambiance, worship through songs was very heavily linked to the message, communion using wine with non-alcoholic juice alternatives, and a lot of responsive reading/prayers. Overall though it was different, it was a pleasant experience to worship God in a new method. 

Starving, we headed over to Stanford Mall and grabbed a messy plate of food at Max’s Opera Cafe. Love the interior and the food was delicious.


 Loved the capers in my sourdough tuna melt. JP’s burger was so big he had to cut it like a steak.
“This is definitely not a first date meal to have.” =)

We had a good debate/talk on our dating memories. We rarely slow down in the week to have these “date moments” so it was really nice to just talk about ministry, our marriage chemistry as well as individual stories over a good meal.

Did our usual “digestion walk” and checked out a few stores before heading out to the city. I guess food coma hit and on the way up 280, JP wanted to shorten the drive and head over to Half Moon Bay. The traffic was bad but the air was fresh,crisp and oh so “Pine-y”  We had some good conversations on him going to China this year and every time we do talk about it, I am just so thankful. Bounced around some ideas and thoughts about Minnesota as well. Thankful that I married a man who desires to pursue the God things in this life. Sure, we struggle with comfort and convenience but we know without faith…we cannot see God.

We parked at Montara beach and took a little walk down.



While JP rested I decided to take some water shots..



I stood staring at the multiple waves crashing and colliding against each other. Each collision created a new potential wave and so on. Amazed at how God controls the tides and is mindful of the details in our lives. Prayers began to flow over China, JP, and things that were burdening my heart recently. Every tide that came up gave me a “cold” reminder that God is in control. Every time the waves slid back into the ocean, the sliding feel beneath and around my feet was a scary thought but once the waves disappeared, I was still standing. So comforting and encouraging. 

Found this anonymous quote:

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour by mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” 

If I could I want to revise it to: “follow the Son.” 


A little girl and her super focused dog almost ran into me as I stood my ground. This dog didn’t take their eyes off the girl at all. I had to curve my body to avoid a collision but I got this shot as a return. 




On my way back mister Park was relaxing and catching some sun.


I really like this for some reason.


While I let him rest, I was inspired by Grace’s blog where she posted pictures of natural things she picked up from the ground in her neighborhood. It looks beautiful because it’s natural. Check out the post here. So here’s my “Inspired by Grace” pictorial of the beach. 


I loved finding new pieces of the beach to add. The mini coral resting on the broke white shell was beautiful. My favorite were the crab legs/arms? I’m sure a beach bird at the flesh out but I found a pair of them right next to each other. So in case you couldn’t tell, they’re making “사랑해 하트” – I love you heart. he he he.


September is right around the corner. Dear Summer, I wish I had more time to enjoy you but you’ll be back. In due time we’ll meet right where we left off…at the beach. 














  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Judy 🙂 I love all your pictures!! Looks like you had a great weekend. I’m sad summer is ending too but I’m excited for the upcoming fall.

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