So Friday morning I had a bit of a scare. I woke up and went about my typical morning routine of checking emails, reading some verses and trying to catch up with overnight social media action. I sat up and took my first step but it didn’t feel right. I kept leaning to the right and couldn’t regain my balance. I had to lean on the walls, my dresser and the doors to get from my bed to the bathroom. At first i thought it was my grogginess but it never took this long if I lost my balance.

I contacted my friend who’s a chiropractor and gave the run down of my symptoms the past few weeks. I have problems with my TMJ specifically the right side of my jaw so I had been experiencing sharp random pains inside my right ear, tingling numbness on my right side of my face and scalp..then this happened. She had me come into her office on Saturday so she could readjust me and roll out some knots in my shoulders and neck.

I knew Jenny when she first decided to go into Chiro school back when we were housemates. I never knew she was this determined and watching her study for school and tests was quite impressive. She always had her bag of M&Ms (Something about chocolate helps retain information in the brain) and her 3X5 cards handy. Visited her during clinics at Palmer and now she’s on her own: name on the window: JENNY KIM, D.C. I kept telling her that her hands were so much more confident than her Palmer days. She used to worry about the strength of her hands for this practice, wondering whether she could do a good job. She did a fabulous job. Got some cracks and pops here and there with some electric stimulation on my upper back. I don’t think my upper back/neck/face situation will get fixed immediately but it was really nice to have somebody I know and trust work on me.

We grabbed some breakfast for lunch at a really cute place called Alana’s Cafe in downtown Redwood City. Right next door was a local gallery called The Main Gallery. We both fell in love with the artist, Helen Christoph. Her work is absolutely adorable, whimsical and captivating. Something about her drawings make me feel…happy.

I wish I took more pictures of her art that was hidden in her bin.

I love looking at art done by local folks. The next ones reminded me of the talented Grace Song.

Wish I could afford the art in there. Hopefully Helga has some postcard prints or card prints available! =)

I didn’t expect much from Alana’s Cafe boy was it delicious! I ordered the Mediterranean Scramble that had artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, provolone cheese and prosciutto. It came with homefries (DELICIOUSLY SEASONED) and a choice of bread which were not your typical white, wheat or english. When our server said coffeebread I said, “YES PLEASE!”

Jenny got Martha’s famous Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes with a side of sliced bananas/lingonberries (think of Ikea Jam) with a side of ham steak. Her pancakes came with the CUTEST “mini jug” of syrup. Of course she quickly ran out and we asked for more= MOAR MINI JUGS OF SYRUP! Died inside from the cuteness!


Sunday was a LONG day but a really fun and exciting one. It was the last day for our Fall retreat registration and folks were in line to register which was exciting to see! =D I can’t wait for the end of this month! We had our orientation for upcoming missions opportunities in NE Asia after worship. So excited to see how God is stirring interest beyond our “comfort zones” in the hearts of people. Faces I didn’t expect showed up and faces I believe God is calling came and it was just a beautiful sight to see. Of course, I wish there was more. We watched a video of a couple who is out serving as missionaries. One of the greatest encouragement I heard from the orientation was how to pray as to whether or not God is calling you. They said everybody is called to “go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” EVERYBODY. So it’s not a matter of  asking God, “God are you calling me to go?” They were encouraging us to pray, “God are you NOT calling me to go at this time? Show me the red flags. Close doors.” Can’t wait to see who goes to the nations in 2014-2015.



Lord, bring clarify and confirmation to these individuals.

Lord, bring clarify and confirmation to these individuals.

Been lifting up specific individuals to go.  God is on the move. Yes He is! He is pressing on the hearts, knocking on the door …

Right after we had our last Flag Football practice. DUN DUN DUNNNN~~~! This Saturday is our GameDay! I can’t believe this day is finally here. I could tell we were really serious on the field. Even myself. I was stoked to try out my new gloves but even during drills, I couldn’t catch the football. Frustration to the max. Then during scrimmage, Defense was on top of their game. I had these two  defense “flies” (hehehe) on me for almost every play. They were pushing back even harder when it was a gender play. Interception after interception. Block after block. Smacked my hand to reject the football. Tough. I had told my BLUE POWER partner that now that we have the blue gloves, let’s work hard to get a touchdown for sure. There’s no excuse!! I had both Isaiah and Eddie (my sweet brother flies) on me in the endzone. I couldn’t shake them off. Ran left, ran right- I had two Goliaths blocking me for what felt like 5 minutes.  I took another run to the right and my eyes locked with the QB & we made contact. FINALLY! A  TOUCHDOWN!!!! (And I was within the endzone! I kept going out of bounds which was driving me nuts!)

The feeling of finally accomplishing something after trying so many times–just overwhelmed me. I was screaming off my head like a maniac! And just like that, all the pent up frustration just POOF disappeared. LOL Although I ended up screaming in Isaiah’s face. I’m actually pretty proud of our Defense. They have a lot of former football athletes so I can see the determination and passion in their eyes to pursue, pursue and create incomplete plays. I’m banking on them to set the field on FIEE-YAH!




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Done with our final practice


That my friend is "POWER"'s Touchdown of the day

That my friend is “POWER”‘s Touchdown of the day

We were invited by our pastor to have dinner before the tournament. Man it was so much fun to just hang out, see other players off the field with their families and eat some really good food!



Every time I walk away from a gathering with my spiritual family, I wonder how and what I would do in life without this community. Not just specifically talking about Pathway (although I love these guys!) but just any spiritual family/community. Love doing life with these guys.




  1. Wow, glad you are better now! That sounds pretty scary 😦
    Thanks for the shout out again, lol. I love the artworks you posted. It’s so rare to see happy art lately!

    Good providence for the football tournament coming up!!

  2. i had to look up what TMJ was. so all you need is a visit to the chiropractor every once in a while? and good job on the touchdown! i don’t think i’ve played any sports since it was required in high school.. haha don’t think you would not want me on your team. 😛

    1. Haha if only BLUE POWER could perform like that this Saturday x2? 2 touchdowns would be nice ha! I want to hope that if I can loosen up all my muscles from jaw neck shoulders and fix my teeth clench/grinding issue..I’ll be good. But…seems like this is years of tension so.. 😦

  3. That’s so you awesome you got a goal!! You are awesome! I agree community is soooo important. I’m glad you have yours and that God is calling on others. Man, I’ve been praying for guidance from God but haven’t heard back. It gets frustrating sometimes. *sigh.

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