After September’s First Friday Devotional I noticed how much the participants are missing out by not having a Bible to flip through the verses.

I started brainstorming on how I should go about getting them Bibles. They have never owned one for themselves so I’d like to get them personalized Bibles as well.


Ask the husband?

Shared with the prayer ministry and lifted it up Sunday morning.

On my way to work Monday morning, the thought came to mind that I could/should ask my boss if he can pay for them.



I asked today,

” 오빠…나 오빠 돈 좀 쓰고 싶은데…사무실을 위해” (Big brother (in an affectionate asian way) I want to use some of your money…for the office)

“오! 써!” (Oh yeah? Go ahead!)

“………아니 성경 책 좀 살려고. 저번에 성경 책이 없으니까..좀 어렵더라. ..다들 성경 책이 없어서..사주고 싶어.”  (Oh..I wanted to buy them Bibles. Last time it seemed hard to teach them without the Bible and nobody owns their own Bible anyways.)



Praise be to God! WOW! I’m learning more and more bit by bit who this God is I love and serve. How He works when we step out in faith. Amazing.

My boss later came by my cubicle and said, “Judy..buy them an easy to read Bible..don’t get no King James Version hahaha.”










  1. aww i wanna work there! what a great boss! 🙂 are you getting korean bibles?? I want to get an easy to read korean bible.. the one that I have .. I have no idea what is going on…

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