WEEKEND REVIEW: What is a birthday?

This weekend was completely filled with birthday fun. It started off with the highly anticipated birthday party of the Ibanez brothers! 6 and 1 year old! My coworker Rosa is always so open to inviting her coworkers. I love going to their parties. 1. Because the food is BOMB authentic and 2. I love their family!

Here’s their Despicable Me & Lego Themed party.

The food was fabulous. The company was heartwarming and entertaining. The clown was kinda scary and although I didnt’ understand the Spanish that was being spoken..it was just fun to watch the kids laughing and adults having fun.

Happy 6th and 1st birthday you two. You’re beautiful and a one of a kind gift from God to this earth.

The Ibanez Brothers

The Ibanez Brothers


On top of celebration the physical birth and health of these cuties, I got to witness the baptism of a young lady. Our pastor’s daughter who I’ve known since mid 2000s. I’ve watched from afar, and seen her wrestle with her identity in her family and just life overall. She’s her mother’s right hand helper. To hear her testimony this past Sunday brought nothing but praises to my heart. Only be the grace of God has she come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and it will be only by the grace of God that she will continue to know God intimately and mature in her faith.

We take our faith seriously!

We take our faith seriously!

Sad I accidentally deleted a photo of her sharing her testimony before she was baptized.


Birthdays are great. Both physical and spiritual birthdays. Can’t go wrong celebrating them. Birthdays (to me) are not just a date in the calendar that says, “You were born into the world today.”

Every year a person ages represents the year they’ve lived. An opportunity to reflect on the past year’s memories. But it’s also an invitation from God to look into the future +1 year and dream God -sized dreams, grow in life and in relationship with our Creator,..so many hopes and dreams that can lie in the +1 year. On a realistic note, nobody is guaranteed tomorrow so live today to the fullest, dream great things for the future and celebrate the past…none of it is in vain when you have God.






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