Fall has OFFICIALLY arrived (September 22 for those who are curious)

I’m really excited for Fall. Potentially might be the last fall in California for the Parks so that makes my heart even more excited to make memories with my friends and family this year.

So here are my Tuesday Top Ten Fall Wishes:

1.  The changing leaves

fall leaves

I can’t wait to see the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. Of course the fading green is pretty too. Although this picture  is gorgeous, I will have to say that this next one, I do squirm in a bad way.

Taken 11/30/2013

Taken 11/30/2013

I don’t care if anybody says that Trypophobia is all in the head or what not.. but I FEEL IT. I feel nauseous and sick when I see patterns that repeat over and over. Vines and Vines filled with leaves on the highway “sound” walls make me sweat. This image makes me squirm. I just want to take a huge broom and sweep it all away so that the sidewalk is smooth and the grass is standing tall.

2. Bring out the Hoodies and Sweater!

I’m a shirt and t-shirt girl but if the weather calls for it. I’m all down for a cozy sweater. =D



3.  Apple Cider


I always had a cup or two or three at these Fall Retreats. Something about the flavor just warms my heart and soul…even over Hot cocoa.

4. Operation Christmas Child 2014!!

By far one of the hardest things to organize but it’s only because we know that the Gospel is being shared and children’s lives are being changed in the name of Jesus, that we go back to all the planning and coordinating. Kinda bittersweet as this may by the last time I get to coordinate at Pathway but definitely looking forward to our fundraisers and OCC Packing Party! We began all the way back in 2007 but here’s the last two years of how it has grown from 100 shoeboxes to…


Our 2013 OCC

5.  Hot soup on cold days


Cold days and hot soup is like PB&J! My all time favorite soup to have is PHO! Oh man! Can’t wait to walk into a Pho restaurant, smell the broth, flood it with basil leaves and Siracha! Hmm white onions in Vinegar! =D






 6.  Pathway’s Fall Retreat

It’s coming up this weekend! I am SOO EXCITED! The body of believers so desperately needs a retreat(?) NO, we so desperately need Jesus and so to get away from the technology, the busyness and demands of work and family is a MUST. We’re going back to our annual location of Koinonia Conference Grounds. I am looking forward to worship, teaching, fellowship, prayer, laughter, meeting new folks, roughing it (a lil) together, and a special side note: The fresh crisp air of the forest. OH MAN!! FOREST CRUSH FRIDAYS! I can’t wait for Friday to drive down to Santa Cruz and enter the lush forest where the air is cold, crisp and oh so piney!


I especially LOVE the smell of fresh rain on the sidewalk. The presence of rain changes the temperature of the air to a crisp cold air which is fahbulous! ❤


Puddles of rain today!

8.  Snuggling in bed/ Waking up cold with a warm blanket to press into

I’d rather be cold than hot any given day. I just have natural body heat radiating out of me (husband agrees) so to wake up in a cold room with a warm blanket to wrap myself with is a perfect combination! Especially love snugging with this furball in the mornings.

Krazy Kitler

Krazy Kitler

9.   More reasons to have an attitude of gratitude

We all know gratitude shouldn’t just be a seasonal condition of our heart and mind but Thanksgiving and something  closing out the year brings a stronger desire to be thankful and do good to those around us. Maybe it’s the weather growing colder and the increased family gatherings  that make us think about those who may not have what we have. There’s so many opportunities that pop up during the fall season. City Impact is one that I hope to participate in and Operation Blessed to be a Blessing for the Homeless Ministry.

10. Comfortable clothes.

I’ll be real. Summer time feels good and happy but I am not down to strip down to short this and short that. Fall time means boots, jeans, jeggings, leggings, oversized tops, sweaters, mmmmm. Comfortable.

If I could wear this all day everyday I would.

If I could wear this all day everyday I would.



  1. haha, love that picture of Kitler! So cute! And I agree with ALL of these things. Except trypophobia.. haha I don’t have that… thank the Lord. I’m excited for OCC and Fall retreat as well! It’ll be my first year of really being committed to Pathway. :o) I’m excited!

  2. i don’t like sweater weather.. i feel like summer clothes are more comfortable bc all i wear are maxi dresses haha. and fall clothes are more constricting.. but i guess you do look more dressed up in fall comfy clothes than summer comfy clothes 😛 i love me some good pho. i’ve found a decent place in vegas… but it’s so expensive!

  3. omgoodness! i love your choice of comfortable clothes and that you’re so involved with operation christmas child. i’ve participated almost every year since my church started their own campaign for it a few years ago! (:

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