The New Me

Long hair hater right here.
Tomboy who never learned how to style hair, curl hair, manage hair.
My pony tail and faux bum has been heavy and annoying…
Shampooing is a chore and 2 – 2.5 pumps is ridiculous IMO.



This morning...


Right after



My funny husband..

I came home and I asked him what he thought of my hair. He blurts out:

“You look like Sao Taiji in Come Back Home!!!” (look it up)

He thinks I should have gotten layers. I have a lot of hair. Every person that washes or cuts my hair can tell they’re dealing with .5x more or 2x more hair…

Oh the life of a horsetail….



  1. OMG you look awesome!! Another one of my friend also chopped off her hair after her wedding. Man … I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I guess I’ve been kinda scared since short hair is usually more high maintenance than long hair and I can be lazy in the morning. Yeah … so i haven’t done it yet …

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