WEEKEND REVIEW: Operation Christmas Child Fundraiser Fair & SPAM MUSUBI!

Super late in posting my “Weekend Review” but I was completely WIPED OUT from this past weekend. I even took Monday off to recover. I felt physically and spiritually just drained. But boy! was it fun(ny)


Technically, it’s the last Operation Christmas Child I’ll be coordinating and there is much I hope to do and want to see happen. Every year since 2007, we’ve been packing shoeboxes and every year was a trial and error year. Our approach to OCC has gotten clearer and better but we’re always looking for new ways to invite participation on a wholesome level rather than just limited to those who are already plugged in. So this year, we’re doing multiple fundraiser events for folks to get involved some way or another. Choose one or all.

This year we’re offering:

1. South Bay Garage Sale (All time successful event for raising funds)

2. East Bay Garage Sale

3. Spam Musubi & Bake Sale on Pathway Campus

4. “Shots for Shoeboxes” A shoot-a-thon.


We had our fundraiser fair set up for both services and man, it was blazing hot but I was so thankful and proud of the volunteers who came out to man the tables faithfully and with energy. Of course, I loved our group’s table. We had a creative craft sister in our CG and she offered to make us Musubis out of felt and leftover yoga mat material. Then she glued them onto headbands for us to wear. I love the energy. We looked like a bunch of kpop girlsΒ  aka Crayon Pop or Orange Caramel.


I was so proud of our girls. Two CGs coming together to make the table work. Jina, the mastermind behind all the Spam Musubis, made SUPER CUTE SAMPLES. Ladies and Gents: I present to you MINI Spam Musubis!


The red sauce is Siracha! YUM!

Mini vs Regular

Mini vs Regular


I can’t wait to see all these events come to life and bring in the shoeboxes. Every shoebox means a child who receives, can also hear the Gospel. To me, that’s the most inexpensive mission trip ever AND it’s fun!

Our 1st Garage Sale is coming up next Saturday! WOOHOO!!


OCC Slide


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