The opportunity FINALLY came =D

I was partnered with the mastermind behind Lovely Letters, Esther herself. I’m always amazed to see how God brings people together and then somehow allows remnants to remain and new opportunities to develop.  If you’d like to get to know Esther, I highly recommend you check out her blog. She’s a professional blogger & photographer. Just top two hats she wears, not to mentioned she’s a wife to Youtube duo: The Fu.  She’s always on an adventure and the photos she shares are amazing!


I met Esther years ago in San Jose at my friend’s house. She was joining us for fellowship that night and we were talking about Bibles and where God was leading her in her life (If my memory serves correctly..) We became FB friends and though there were times where we didn’t interact on social media…I don’t know how but it slowly started growing. FB to Instagram (@estherjulee) likes to more likes. Her invitation to join Lovely Letters was the push I needed to blog more often and capture what my life looks like on a regular basis. (Thank you Esther..I know I say it here and there but I can’t say it enough)

So..I got to partner with her in September. Nervous I tell you because it’s a noob sending a package to a pro type of feel. =) I was delighted to open up her package from Nevada. 1st snail mail package from NV! =D The theme was Comfort. BINGO!




I loved everything about this package. All the Kit Kats that i’ve seen on her blog- now sitting on my couch ready to be devoured! Facial masks! OH YEAH! and Yes…that heart shaped tea ball. I melted. I just bought some green tea leaves and I wasn’t sure how I was going to enjoy’s like perfect timing!

I love the scarf! Not bulky. Perfectly light!

I love the scarf! Not bulky. Perfectly light!


Even Kitler was interested!

Even Kitler was interested!


I can’t wait for next month’s Lovely Letters. If you blog or are thinking about blogging and would like to join Lovely Letters~ check out  her blog on September’s Lovely Letters





  1. I’m so glad we were partners! 🙂 and I’m glad you liked your package. 😀 I think you did get all your facts right.. and also it’s kinda funny but another blogger friend of mine that comes and comments on your blog now – sophia – is also a mutual friend of junshien’s. so we are all connected somehow. small world.

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