WEEKEND REVIEW: Hangouts & Bball


I’m a noob obviously in the world of coffee. I don’t have the tastebuds for quality coffee but I was really excited to enjoy my first lattte art from Chromatic Coffee. I’ve seen tons of pictures but to actually have a cup sitting in front of me was nice.

* I vouche for CC’s Autumn Gold. It’s like a fancier smoother version of PSL but without the pumpkin.*

Autumn Gold at Chromatic Coffee

Autumn Gold at Chromatic Coffee

Usually my Saturdays are scheduled with 1 long appointment but since I had the entire afternoon free I wanted to cook for the husband. I rarely cook and our dinners are simplified during the work week so we do most of our dinners over the weekend to catch up.Β  For a woman who hasn’t been cooking consistently I could only think of the fast and simple but still low on carbs Korean meals. Sauteed Spicy Pork with Kimchi and Tofu.

Shortly after dinner I had Shaved Ice plans with a very busy woman who supposedly had shaved iced earlier in the day. Wow..I enjoy shaved ice but I don’t know if I can do twice in a day!!

On a side note: I remember having a conversation with friends here and there about how people change once they’re married or as they grow older. Introverts were known as former extrovert. (That’s me!) Large gatherings used to be the attraction but lately I feel like my heart turns from those. Birthday gatherings seem shallow and although I know the Bday man/woman of the hour may feel loved,Β  I wonder, is it “bad” to say, “I”ll pass on the birthday gathering and let’s just go out, you and me..” I really enjoy 1:1 gatherings. They hold purpose and intention in conversations which far outweigh a large group talking about nothing and doing nothing. Not to say those hangouts are bad but what I value in my heart is just a time and space to be real and talk about what matters: the heart.

Fruit Milk Bingsoo

Fruit Milk Bingsoo



Our pastor has been preaching on John 15:5-8. To abide/remain in Him. It’s all an option and Jesus knows that. One of the greatest lessons in life/ministry/evangelism is that Jesus never hook-noses people to follow Him. He doesn’t beg or attempt to persuade people. Very different from how I used to approach it and others would too. He simply states the facts. This is what I want you to do but IF you choose not to do so..this is what happens. No pizazz or light show to attract. He Himself doesn’t need anybody to “accept” Him and what He teaches. He is who He is. It’s been a lot of learning and hearing from God about CG (Community Group), Work (evangelism & witness) as well as my prayer life. Apart from Him, I can do nothing that is pleasing to God. Sure, I could do a lot of things apart from Him. Win the Nobel peace prize, make people happy, change people’s lives, invent and patent the greatest invention for all mankind but will it be pleasing to God? If it doesn’t please God then I don’t want any part in it. If that’s the case, then I need to remain in Him. There’s no option B. Have your way in us O Jesus.

This past Sunday was our brother, Tien’s last day. I don’t know Tien very well other than he rolled through Pathway with David who I am fond with. The younger brother I never had. I guess JP and Tien had some special bonding moments through car audio sessions. He’s a quiet cool guy.

Sad I didn’t get a group photo with them but I miss these two guys together. It was good having 99 Chicken –> Big Mug Coffee–> Shaved Ice with these guys. Younger brothers are always a blessing (for the most part LOL)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The two amigos

After our long lunch trip I headed back to watch my sister Carol tear it up on the court in our church league. It’s co-ed but she ended up being the only girl. It was so much fun watching friends play basketball than professional basketball players. She was smokin it on the court! I’m her #1 fan!!


This girl was on FIIIEEEE-YA!




The weekends are ALWAYS busy but they’re good. Good opportunities to do church and encourage one another all the more as the day approaches.




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