THANKFUL THURSDAY: The Art of Grace Song


I’ve had the wonderful joy of getting to know Grace through her handmade cards. I can’t recall exactly when she first started “debuting” them but it was  when she went on a mission trip to Venezuela. She sold her cards to raise funds for her and the team. She had her cards laid out on a table near the Pathway entrance.

“She’s got talent and passion for this.”

July 2010 @ SFO

Ms. Song on her way to Venezuela :July 2010 @ SFO

4 years later she’s launched her very own Etsy Store called eaueau.  Check out her store here. Her listings go up and go fast! This past Sunday she surprised me with a large framed wrapped up. I couldnt’ wait to get home to unwrap it!



I couldn’t believe how beautiful this piece is. To just stare and soak in the scripture that was sewn/sown into this canvas is exciting and refreshing. Thank you Grace! I love this and love what God has gifted you with~~





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