TOP TEN TUESDAY: KPOP Covers of Pop songs

So I haven’t done anything along the lines of Kpop/Kdrama in a while so here’s my top ten (current) covers by Kpop artists.


1. “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You” by Moon Myung Jin

I can’t get enough of Moon Myung Jin. This guy’s story is amazing. He spent 10 years going unrecognized and it wasn’t until the past 1-2 years that his talent surfaced and got the attention it really deserves.  Known for his smooth R&B voice and high hitting notes, you won’t be disappointed! He even wow’d Michael Bolton who wanted to personally compliment MMJ after the show! Watch out for the fan at 4:10 ;P


2. “Thriller” by Racoon Boys

The cutest trio to survive in KPOP Star (One of Korea’s  many versions of American Idol) Brian who has the main vocal is actually a local from the South Bay. Too bad they didn’t make it to the final round but their covers are entertaining!


3. “Mercy” by Lee Hi

Man this girl’s voice is not your typical stereotype Asian voice. She’s got rugged soul. It’s a shame she hasn’t been able to use it again once she signed into YG Entertainment.


4. “Love the Way You Lie” by 2000 Won & Lee Hi

I was rooting for 2000W when they were on KPOP Star Season 2.  More because of the vocal talent. Loved it even more when it was paired with Lee Hi.

5. “When I’m Gone”‘ Cups by SPICA

These ladies are under the same management as Lee Hyori. She adores SPICA and teaches them the ins and out of the industry. They are definitely talented and have yet to receive the recognition they deserve.


6. “Lean On Me” by  So Hyang

An asian Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston in one tiny body. Wait for it…


7. “Officially Missing You” by SPICA

The harmony is fabulous. It’s not the full song but even the short portion sounds awesome.


8. “Right Here Waiting” by Bernard Park

The recent winner of KPOP Star. A voice as sweet and smooth as his deserves the win.


9. “Stand By Me” by Sam Kim

The rival of Bernard Park in KPOP Star. His guitar skills are amazing for his age. I hope somebody picks him up. Love the “acoustic” play in this song.

10. “I Have Nothing” , “Listen” by 짜리몽땅

It’s rare to find a harmonizing trio to come out on shows like KPOP Star but these high school girls always brought new light to these songs. The asian motown girls.



Looking forward to see other new rising artists perform fresh covers.


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