Blog Twins. First time ever.

This month I was paired up with another Korean Georgian. (What do they call folks out in that state? Georgiaites? Georgians? Georgicans?)

When the partners were released I checked her blog and for a millisecond, I thought I was looking at mine! We have the same wordpress theme going on. (ye yeaah) Check out her blog right here!

Going through her blog, I gave mad respect for her taking the opportunity to live in Turkey , bear with the differences and pour out into young lives. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone.Β  Loved interacting and getting to know a bit of her on social media. Looking forward to more of her posts and tweets! =D

Sweet of her! She packed it in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child! THANK YOU JANIS!

Sweet of her! She packed it in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child! THANK YOU JANIS!

I literally raised my voice and said, “OH EM GEEE!” My husband must’ve thought I was weird but Kitler ran over to check out what the excitement was about! Here’s to unpacking this package! I read her note and then I went for it like a madwoman! lol


I saw these round balls and I thought, ” NO WAY!” She sent new toys for Kitler! My memory fails but I don’t recall talking about Kitler. Maybe I have truly become a cat woman. I was excited to unwrap these toys and let Kitler go after them. She took some time to warm up but once she was familiarized she went nuts…like past midnight I would hear the bells tinkering hahah!


I enjoy receiving stationary, cards and things that help me slow down. Technology can zap aΒ  lot of life out of a person so I really admired all the cute and funny designs on the cards Janis sent. (Of course especially the cat one!) I’ve always heard ofΒ  My Utmost for His Highest for the longest time and flipped through pages here and there but to finally own my copy- no more excuses and just go through it. Thank you for the journal. It’s useful and will be well used for CG as you purposed! =D

And of course she adds some TLC for me. =) Thank you for the nail polish and lotion. The cold weather can do a number on the skin. And who would reject a cup of tea during the fall /winter season? Can’t wait to enjoy all of these items this Fall!


Grateful for the items in the package as well as the encouragement hidden behind it. Thank you for these gifts/tools for myself, for ministry and for others~<3

A beautiful package filled with purpose! Thank you Janis!

A beautiful package filled with purpose! Thank you Janis!


And..Kitler is seriously a girl. She was chilling nearby as I took a picture of this entire package. The sparkle.. THE SPARKLE BLING BLING of the earrings caught her eye. Estrogen v. Estrogen. She went for it and I freaked out thinking she was going to put it in her mouth!


I captured her greedy furball butt going for my cat earrings!

I captured her greedy furball butt going for my cat earrings!


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  1. yay!! i’m glad that you and janis got to connect!! remember when we were talking about heart japan? janis actually helped us out a lot with that! πŸ™‚ what an awesome package she put together for you and kitler!

  2. your lovely letter partner sent you Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest (MUFHH)? That’s awesome! MUFHH is one of my fav devotionals. It was written so long ago, yet speaks volumes to the struggles we face as modern day Christians, reminding me how God is our alpha and omega. It’s a challenging read, testing one’s devotion to the cross and the call to discipleship. once you start reading, do share some of your favorite devotionals with us!

  3. I’m so happy you enjoyed every bit of the package! I myself need to go through the devo too. My boyfriend reads the utmost website everyday. And your memory is fine loll.. I just saw Kitler in your photos. I’m not a big cat person but they’ve grown on me since most of my friends love cats. Your blog and my interactions with you have been just as encouraging to me as they were to you. Thank you and I look forward to your blogs :)))

    1. Thanks again Janis! Ironically, my husband brought her homeless furbutt home. LOL and now she’s taking over the house hahha. She’s a scaredy cat but personable one. no hissing no scratching. =) Hope to see more of your posts in the near near near future!! Stay warm out there!!!

  4. What an incredibly thoughtful package! Especially since your pen pal also included sweet gifts for your kitty cat πŸ™‚ I’m also in the WordPress sphere and have started following you; have a wonderful week ahead!

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