Introducing somebody to Jesus..

For the very first time in America…was surreal.

Months of sowing with slow and small signs of life. I didn’t and couldn’t prepare much for this month due to all the busyness. It left me to one method: prayer. I quickly jotted down a few bible verses to reference the need for Jesus, salvation and God’s love. I took down about 10-12 and only read 3 -4.

All I could do was point them to Scripture and put all my eggs in the basket of God’s Word. No fancy testimony or story to share. Nothing spiritual to say. I probably was jumping all over the place with these verses and barely connecting them together. In other words…a hot mess.

But God.. What is impossible with man is possible with God. He wants all to come to know Him…His heart’s desire for salvation to come to ladies was farrrrr bigger and much more passionate than mine.

All those farmer parables. How he has been speaking to me in the past LJs..just so detailed and intimate. Everyday was a ” Yes, Lord.. I hear You. Please help me obey.” moment in the Word. How sweet it is to commune with God through His Word.

To introduce Jesus to somebody in the US for the first time was surreal…
The battle isn’t over yet though. Its been an experience that didn’t come easy. It requires obedience faith and trust.. And the conviction to throw away reputation, popularity and the potential of being accepted.

I still can’t believe what happened today at FFD. I do long for these ladies to take the next step of baptism. Must pray. Must sow in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

The others..their hearts are still open. The door was not completely shut. One co-worker looked very troubled weary and tired. I thought it was maybe stress from work so I messaged her and she replied that our talk is what is weighing her heart down. She was still organizing her thoughts and would like to talk to me when she is ready…?????

I have no idea what is going on in her heart. But Lord, I know You’re stirring something in all their hearts. God do not cease. Please continue and Holy Spirit give me words to say. Increase in me and decrease me I pray. Let nothing of me get in the way of You.


November 2014 FFD



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