Day 2 of SMFast

I think I’m aiite.
I’m okay with not seeing FB or checking for new notifications or seeing what other people posted. Its okay. Feels like it’s not as wild and beastly as I expected it to be..


I catch myself spending the same amount of time but on another app. I don’t know if anybody plays HeyDay but it’s my Farmville “I wish I raises animals and fresh produce” dream fix. I initially started playing because JP was and we always get competitive until I lose because I’m just not very sharp in the strategic field of gaming.

Crazy thing is..I’m not competing against him anymore but I’m on it checking my crops and production line like my Facebook. Ladies and gents…I am like a chain smoker who wants to quit cold turkey and discovered gum or better, e-cigs.


Replacing FB with another. 

Well on a brighter note…
Last night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I read the Word and reread my LJ reading plan. Read some articles on Checked out the news (the important stuff not the celebrity junk) and fell asleep oh..around 1am or a little past 1 am. Not bad…at…all.

Its 11:03pm. I am in bed. I don’t know what to expect but I hope and pray it’s better than last night. Detox junk out and refill with Truth.

Man I need to sow new seeds and reap my harvest. Sell items in my barn and create more items in my production queue…


My thought art for the day.


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