Workplace woes

A few weeks ago I came across an encouragement on FB. Moved my heart so much that I decided to screenshot it for future reminders


I can’t remember the last time I felt I was really being a servant leader. For a long time I thought providing free Starbucks or something along those lines…was the “servant enough” approach. When I read this I felt the Spirit tugging at my heart.

Judy..serve them not with things you can purchase but place deposits in their lives with your words.”

This week has been one of those weeks where I guess God wanted me to encourage through speaking. Unfortunately, encourage is often defined and misunderstood as just “positive words”. Words that make the person feel good. I don’t think encouragement is limited by feel good phrases. Honestly, encouragement can say,

“It may not make sense right now but we must find ourselves trusting God’s promises than focusing on our circumstances.”

“Take that step of faith. Its time to grow and move on from “comfort”.

“What you did was not acceptable and is not acceptable at any other workplace. I strongly feel it is something you should not do again or be ready to face the consequences.”

Sat down with some coworkers today in a meeting that was meant to be short and simple. It ended up going much longer than anticipated. I had to approach them no longer as an office manager but as a friend and speak truth into their lives about how their attitude as an employee is actually more harmful to them and the office than they realize. To point out that “pointing fingers and pouting. Throwing folks under the bus” isn’t what a grateful employee does, and then package it in a way in love that is respectable was…hard.

Its not the type of “encouragement” that is popular but it was the best way I could promote and provide support to them regarding their circumstance. I hate being a disservice to those I care about and those I’m called to serve. As much as I want to feel comfortable and stay in my bubble aka cubicle, I’ve had to realize each day not God’s call for me.

Its not my call as a Christian to turn a blind eye.
Its not my call as a Christian to “check out” when a coworker drops by and starts sharing their personal worries and circumstances.

I want to though. My selfish nature and my sinful nature wants to every time I feel inconvenienced and interrupted. It’s not Christ-like. So then why would I who professes to believe that I am a New creation. I am redeemed and made new by the power of the Gospel…want to do it?


I hope..I do hope that my act of service to my coworkers was pleasing to Him. I hope it was the encouragement they needed not wanted to hear. I hope He is magnified through my position to them as a Christian and as an office manager.


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