A beautiful sound

I’ve heard the term “Korean style praying”. It’s when folks gather and pray out loud. It’s the cries, shouts, babble..you name it. Supposedly, it’s not longer a Korean thing but Hispanics will pray in the same manner.

In the morning, the Korean Ministry intercessory prayer team gathers down the hall from us on the 2nd floor.

I’m here in the first floor. The congregation is worshiping inside. The pastor is teaching and I hear this faint noise. Like a group of people are arguing. It kept getting louder and louder.

It’s them. Crying out to God. It’s sweeter than any tune or song that man can produce. Simultaneously as the pastor is teaching, the prayers of a a small group of men and women (mostly elderly) are crying out to God.

I wish there was more people of prayer. It commanded but few take the opportunity to gather and pray. To seek His face and cry out for His power to move mightily..even on Sundays.
John 1414

Lord raise up a people who will pray…


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