Snail Mail


Blog Twins. First time ever.

This month I was paired up with another Korean Georgian. (What do they call folks out in that state? Georgiaites? Georgians? Georgicans?)

When the partners were released I checked her blog and for a millisecond, I thought I was looking at mine! We have the same wordpress theme going on. (ye yeaah) Check out her blog right here!

Going through her blog, I gave mad respect for her taking the opportunity to live in Turkey , bear with the differences and pour out into young lives. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone.  Loved interacting and getting to know a bit of her on social media. Looking forward to more of her posts and tweets! =D

Sweet of her! She packed it in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child! THANK YOU JANIS!

Sweet of her! She packed it in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child! THANK YOU JANIS!

I literally raised my voice and said, “OH EM GEEE!” My husband must’ve thought I was weird but Kitler ran over to check out what the excitement was about! Here’s to unpacking this package! I read her note and then I went for it like a madwoman! lol


I saw these round balls and I thought, ” NO WAY!” She sent new toys for Kitler! My memory fails but I don’t recall talking about Kitler. Maybe I have truly become a cat woman. I was excited to unwrap these toys and let Kitler go after them. She took some time to warm up but once she was familiarized she went nuts…like past midnight I would hear the bells tinkering hahah!


I enjoy receiving stationary, cards and things that help me slow down. Technology can zap a  lot of life out of a person so I really admired all the cute and funny designs on the cards Janis sent. (Of course especially the cat one!) I’ve always heard of  My Utmost for His Highest for the longest time and flipped through pages here and there but to finally own my copy- no more excuses and just go through it. Thank you for the journal. It’s useful and will be well used for CG as you purposed! =D

And of course she adds some TLC for me. =) Thank you for the nail polish and lotion. The cold weather can do a number on the skin. And who would reject a cup of tea during the fall /winter season? Can’t wait to enjoy all of these items this Fall!


Grateful for the items in the package as well as the encouragement hidden behind it. Thank you for these gifts/tools for myself, for ministry and for others~<3

A beautiful package filled with purpose! Thank you Janis!

A beautiful package filled with purpose! Thank you Janis!


And..Kitler is seriously a girl. She was chilling nearby as I took a picture of this entire package. The sparkle.. THE SPARKLE BLING BLING of the earrings caught her eye. Estrogen v. Estrogen. She went for it and I freaked out thinking she was going to put it in her mouth!


I captured her greedy furball butt going for my cat earrings!

I captured her greedy furball butt going for my cat earrings!


Any bloggers out there that want to join Lovely Letters? Click on the button below for more details!


Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange


The opportunity FINALLY came =D

I was partnered with the mastermind behind Lovely Letters, Esther herself. I’m always amazed to see how God brings people together and then somehow allows remnants to remain and new opportunities to develop.  If you’d like to get to know Esther, I highly recommend you check out her blog. She’s a professional blogger & photographer. Just top two hats she wears, not to mentioned she’s a wife to Youtube duo: The Fu.  She’s always on an adventure and the photos she shares are amazing!


I met Esther years ago in San Jose at my friend’s house. She was joining us for fellowship that night and we were talking about Bibles and where God was leading her in her life (If my memory serves correctly..) We became FB friends and though there were times where we didn’t interact on social media…I don’t know how but it slowly started growing. FB to Instagram (@estherjulee) likes to more likes. Her invitation to join Lovely Letters was the push I needed to blog more often and capture what my life looks like on a regular basis. (Thank you Esther..I know I say it here and there but I can’t say it enough)

So..I got to partner with her in September. Nervous I tell you because it’s a noob sending a package to a pro type of feel. =) I was delighted to open up her package from Nevada. 1st snail mail package from NV! =D The theme was Comfort. BINGO!




I loved everything about this package. All the Kit Kats that i’ve seen on her blog- now sitting on my couch ready to be devoured! Facial masks! OH YEAH! and Yes…that heart shaped tea ball. I melted. I just bought some green tea leaves and I wasn’t sure how I was going to enjoy’s like perfect timing!

I love the scarf! Not bulky. Perfectly light!

I love the scarf! Not bulky. Perfectly light!


Even Kitler was interested!

Even Kitler was interested!


I can’t wait for next month’s Lovely Letters. If you blog or are thinking about blogging and would like to join Lovely Letters~ check out  her blog on September’s Lovely Letters




This month I was introduced to a classy Californian named Hsaio-Ting aka Shouting. (Side note: How cool is a name like “Shouting” Check out her blog in the link!)

This lady has class. I mean I’m a tomboy and shirt-jeans type of gal but to read her blog and see the adventures she goes on, I was quite impressed and an online “admirer” minus the creepy factor.

Getting to know Shouting was such a delight. She’s got some wild and crazy stories/facts on her blog that I LOVE. I mean seriously,

COOL FACT No. 2893482713847

“I was born in Taiwan and lived on a farm. I had a dog and monkey that was friends with each other. They used to walk me to the school bus stop in the morning and would be there in the afternoon to walk me back home.”


I started imagining this young asian girl walking on a dirt road with a dog and monkey. Monkey riding on the dog? Monkey “wobbling” behind as the dog walked next to her? Monkey sitting on her shoulder?!?!? The possibilities are endless. Cool I say. Just simply COOL!

I got my USPS ” We came by to deliver” notice and rushed over on Friday to pick up the package. Friday was craaazy but receiving her package was like icing on the cake! The courier walked out with a heavy shoebox and I thought, “Oh my word, what have we here?!?!” I shook it a few times like a kid on Christmas morning and it rattled! Curious!


Jumped on my bed and ripped the wrapping open..WOOPS!



Oh man….I got too excited! Colorful sequins flew in the air and onto my bed. Love the decorations! I had to pick up all the sequins and try to reconstruct her original design!

I love it!

I love it!

What really got to me was that she’s a wax seal stamper like me! Gaah I knew I should’ve busted it out for mine.

I love wax seals. Thank you for such attention and details Shouting!

I love wax seals. Thank you for such attention and details Shouting!


I was in for a huge surprise once the lid was off. I think my jaw dropped and rolled underneath the bed. She had really outdone herself and blown any anticipation/giddy expectations out of the water!! Check this box out!!


Always be full of Joy in the Lord. Amen. Yes thank you for that encouragement sister! So before she was a Californian she was a New Yorker and an Atlantan. She really got a good portion of US flavor over her Taiwanese roots. From animals walking her to school in the countryside to the Big Apple and Peach State, I assume it must have been difficult to acclimate. Even though I have never met Shouting, her blog and present life makes my heart feel 뿌듯하다. (I know I’m a fob too at times.) Google Translate says : Proud. I would add content and satisfied to that. Something about a life overcoming unknown barriers is more than enough reason to feel proud.



Where can I begin? I hit the asian snack jackpot! Her Taiwanese snacks like pineapple cake, milk puffs and instant milk tea! *drool* Peach gummies to represent Atlant and chocolate from Ghiradelli’s for SAN FRAN! I have never had Boston Baked Beans but that was definitely the rattler of the package. I shall give it a try! Ah…My heart (and stomach) is full just looking at this. Extra sticky notes and pen for my writing adventures.

It’s been quite the blessing to have met Shouting and even more so that she’s a fellow believer. Been so blessed through my experience in Lovely Letters, I need to up my game and be a blessing/encouragement to others!

Thank you Shouting! I look forward to seeing how God works in your life sis!



Interested in being a part of Lovely Letters? Here are the details for September’s snail mail exchange:

  • Sign ups are open until Sept 6th midnight EST. You can sign up HERE (FOR BLOGGERS ONLY. If you don’t have a blog, you can always start one!)
  • You will get your partner pairings by the 9th and begin getting to know your partner.
  • Send out your packages by Sept 20th. Stay under the 7 USD limit and THEME: Comfort
  • Write about your experience and link up on Sept 26th (the last Friday of the month).


1. Share your about the lovely letters you received and/or sent out and the new pals you made. Unrelated entries or ones linked to your homepage will be deleted.

2. Link back to this site so that others can join in on the fun! Feel free to use the button below!


3. MOST IMPORTANTLY you MUST visit the person’s blog post linked up directly before you and leave them a comment. It helps build community + they might be your partner in a future exchange. :)

Since everyone is getting their packages at different times, the link up will be open until Sept 26th.

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Lovely Letters July

So this lady friend I met through a mutual friend at bible study one night—It’s been a few years we’ve been IGing/FBing each other here and there. She introduced this snail mail exchanged called “Lovely Letters” and I felt super intimidated because it’s for bloggers. I’m not a blogger. This site you’re looking at.. was barely getting any updates. It was my sad attempt to try to keep track of my life with photos. But after joining Lovely Letters my experience with blogging has actually been quite enjoyable on top of meeting some really grounded bloggers and exchanging snail mail with them.

For the month of July I got paired up with a Texas belle named Katie who loves daisies, has a heart for geeky stuff, loves purples and is really really good at keeping up with her blog. Super impressed. Oh and not to forget that her etiquette is super sweet. Emailing me and giving me updates on her snail mail.

So today I come home kinda bummed. Things I planned for the day didn’t really pan out but I came home to see this package from WOOHOOO TEXAS BABY!!

Sweet Summer goodies from TX!

Sweet Summer goodies from TX!

Now I REALLY need to make a trip out to the beach. So sad. I live in Cali and I barely go to the beach. Love the beach bag and the contents inside! GO FISH BABY! And of course I’m going to use those parasol picks. What a fun way to add some summer! Thank you Katie! I’m gonna enjoy your goodies this summer!

August Lovely Letters. Here. We. Go!

Couldn't agree more.

Couldn’t agree more.


Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Epistles of Love for the church..

Got introduced to a “new way of connecting”. It’s not really a new way but it is something I haven’t done in a long time: snail mail.

Signed up for Lovely Letters through my creatively cute friend Esther last month and a part of me thought, “This could work in Pathway among the ladies!”

Just to slow down from the pace of technology. Grab a pen or pencil and go back to the good ole days when handwritten letters were considered straight from the “heART”.

The July partners just got released and I can’t wait to see how it goes. Hoping and praying much love and encouragement to be shared..not to mention new connections with folks you wouldn’t normally meet greet or mail.

As an intro to get to know one another the theme is: Summer Childhood Memories.


Trying to go through photos and think about how I spent my summers growing up. A lot of it was in Korea with my mom….this should be interesting.