Top Ten Tuesday

TOP TEN TUESDAY: KPOP Covers of Pop songs

So I haven’t done anything along the lines of Kpop/Kdrama in a while so here’s my top ten (current) covers by Kpop artists.


1. “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You” by Moon Myung Jin

I can’t get enough of Moon Myung Jin. This guy’s story is amazing. He spent 10 years going unrecognized and it wasn’t until the past 1-2 years that his talent surfaced and got the attention it really deserves.  Known for his smooth R&B voice and high hitting notes, you won’t be disappointed! He even wow’d Michael Bolton who wanted to personally compliment MMJ after the show! Watch out for the fan at 4:10 ;P


2. “Thriller” by Racoon Boys

The cutest trio to survive in KPOP Star (One of Korea’s  many versions of American Idol) Brian who has the main vocal is actually a local from the South Bay. Too bad they didn’t make it to the final round but their covers are entertaining!


3. “Mercy” by Lee Hi

Man this girl’s voice is not your typical stereotype Asian voice. She’s got rugged soul. It’s a shame she hasn’t been able to use it again once she signed into YG Entertainment.


4. “Love the Way You Lie” by 2000 Won & Lee Hi

I was rooting for 2000W when they were on KPOP Star Season 2.  More because of the vocal talent. Loved it even more when it was paired with Lee Hi.

5. “When I’m Gone”‘ Cups by SPICA

These ladies are under the same management as Lee Hyori. She adores SPICA and teaches them the ins and out of the industry. They are definitely talented and have yet to receive the recognition they deserve.


6. “Lean On Me” by  So Hyang

An asian Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston in one tiny body. Wait for it…


7. “Officially Missing You” by SPICA

The harmony is fabulous. It’s not the full song but even the short portion sounds awesome.


8. “Right Here Waiting” by Bernard Park

The recent winner of KPOP Star. A voice as sweet and smooth as his deserves the win.


9. “Stand By Me” by Sam Kim

The rival of Bernard Park in KPOP Star. His guitar skills are amazing for his age. I hope somebody picks him up. Love the “acoustic” play in this song.

10. “I Have Nothing” , “Listen” by 짜리몽땅

It’s rare to find a harmonizing trio to come out on shows like KPOP Star but these high school girls always brought new light to these songs. The asian motown girls.



Looking forward to see other new rising artists perform fresh covers.



Fall has OFFICIALLY arrived (September 22 for those who are curious)

I’m really excited for Fall. Potentially might be the last fall in California for the Parks so that makes my heart even more excited to make memories with my friends and family this year.

So here are my Tuesday Top Ten Fall Wishes:

1.  The changing leaves

fall leaves

I can’t wait to see the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. Of course the fading green is pretty too. Although this picture  is gorgeous, I will have to say that this next one, I do squirm in a bad way.

Taken 11/30/2013

Taken 11/30/2013

I don’t care if anybody says that Trypophobia is all in the head or what not.. but I FEEL IT. I feel nauseous and sick when I see patterns that repeat over and over. Vines and Vines filled with leaves on the highway “sound” walls make me sweat. This image makes me squirm. I just want to take a huge broom and sweep it all away so that the sidewalk is smooth and the grass is standing tall.

2. Bring out the Hoodies and Sweater!

I’m a shirt and t-shirt girl but if the weather calls for it. I’m all down for a cozy sweater. =D



3.  Apple Cider


I always had a cup or two or three at these Fall Retreats. Something about the flavor just warms my heart and soul…even over Hot cocoa.

4. Operation Christmas Child 2014!!

By far one of the hardest things to organize but it’s only because we know that the Gospel is being shared and children’s lives are being changed in the name of Jesus, that we go back to all the planning and coordinating. Kinda bittersweet as this may by the last time I get to coordinate at Pathway but definitely looking forward to our fundraisers and OCC Packing Party! We began all the way back in 2007 but here’s the last two years of how it has grown from 100 shoeboxes to…


Our 2013 OCC

5.  Hot soup on cold days


Cold days and hot soup is like PB&J! My all time favorite soup to have is PHO! Oh man! Can’t wait to walk into a Pho restaurant, smell the broth, flood it with basil leaves and Siracha! Hmm white onions in Vinegar! =D






 6.  Pathway’s Fall Retreat

It’s coming up this weekend! I am SOO EXCITED! The body of believers so desperately needs a retreat(?) NO, we so desperately need Jesus and so to get away from the technology, the busyness and demands of work and family is a MUST. We’re going back to our annual location of Koinonia Conference Grounds. I am looking forward to worship, teaching, fellowship, prayer, laughter, meeting new folks, roughing it (a lil) together, and a special side note: The fresh crisp air of the forest. OH MAN!! FOREST CRUSH FRIDAYS! I can’t wait for Friday to drive down to Santa Cruz and enter the lush forest where the air is cold, crisp and oh so piney!


I especially LOVE the smell of fresh rain on the sidewalk. The presence of rain changes the temperature of the air to a crisp cold air which is fahbulous! ❤


Puddles of rain today!

8.  Snuggling in bed/ Waking up cold with a warm blanket to press into

I’d rather be cold than hot any given day. I just have natural body heat radiating out of me (husband agrees) so to wake up in a cold room with a warm blanket to wrap myself with is a perfect combination! Especially love snugging with this furball in the mornings.

Krazy Kitler

Krazy Kitler

9.   More reasons to have an attitude of gratitude

We all know gratitude shouldn’t just be a seasonal condition of our heart and mind but Thanksgiving and something  closing out the year brings a stronger desire to be thankful and do good to those around us. Maybe it’s the weather growing colder and the increased family gatherings  that make us think about those who may not have what we have. There’s so many opportunities that pop up during the fall season. City Impact is one that I hope to participate in and Operation Blessed to be a Blessing for the Homeless Ministry.

10. Comfortable clothes.

I’ll be real. Summer time feels good and happy but I am not down to strip down to short this and short that. Fall time means boots, jeans, jeggings, leggings, oversized tops, sweaters, mmmmm. Comfortable.

If I could wear this all day everyday I would.

If I could wear this all day everyday I would.


I’ve been wanting to blog about my all time hands down favorite moisturizer. Thought I’d turn it into a TOP TEN TUESDAY. So I use all these items more than 3 times a week depending on the mood and how much time I have ^__^.

10. Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original & Sin)

Went through bottles and tubes of Original until my friend gave me Sin and I love how it brings this light shimmer ( depending on how much you apply) I can bring it down to the inner corners of my eyes and it works as a highlight as well.

Greed, Eden, Original, Sin

Greed, Eden, Original, Sin (L-R) See the theme in their names?













9. Innisfree’s Olive Real Power Cream ♥

This is UHMAYZING! I wish I bought 5 jars of this stuff to last me the whole year. I received my 1st jar as a gift and I was surprised at how long the moisturizer lasted throughout the day. I have combination skin and I need something that isn’t too oily/runny. This is my perfect solution.


Pretty thick and rich.

Pretty thick and rich.

















Plus I don’t need to use a lot. Just a few dabs all over my face and DONE! It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy as if there’s a layer of product over my skin. It gets absorbed really well.

8. Urban Decay Naked Skin  Foundation: I use 5.0. I didn’t think it would fit me at the time but as summer came around it worked just fine. It’s considered light coverage but it gave more coverage than I thought.


7. Daiso Eyebrow Pencil: Dark Brown


Cheap and lasts a long time!













6. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara
I’m usually hesitant when they release lash lengthening mascara. It does get clumpy pretty quickly as I assume the formula is just like that so start at the roots and wiggle as you apply. =)

My Go-To Mascara

My Go-To Mascara

Noteworthy: my runner up.

Noteworthy: my runner up.




















5. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner-Perversion.

The best waterproof eyeliner IMO

The best waterproof eyeliner IMO

I LOVE this eyeliner. It’s super pigmented aka it doesn’t appear gray or dark brown. It makes my dark brown eyes look …brown so that’s a nice extra. I’ve cried in this, walked through rain int his and played sports with this on. Doesn’t budge. Washing it off isn’t as tricky as a waterproof mascara. It rubs off like a very thin layer of plastic/glue.



4. Sephora Translucent Setting Powder


Good for holding down the concealer and shine =)











3. Urban Decay Naked Basics

Love this combination!

Love this combination!

To the naked eye it looks like a bunch of nudes/browns but when you play around with the colors and blend it through, it actually creates some great “muted” colors and it’s great to use over other shades to “mute” it.

2. NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart

my 1st "pink" lipstick

my 1st “pink” lipstick










1. Carmex  Original Lip Balm

SPF15. Helps my lips hold a barrier between my lips and the lipstick. Plus keeps it moisturized. It has become such a huge part of my daily life that I keep one at the office, at home and of course in my purse.


What’s your top ten daily makeup routine consist of?


So I’m highly infected with the travel bug. A vacation is much needed and I have a couple of places I wish I could see before I die. I don’t watch the Travel Channel so I’m not influenced by these travel shows or blogs. If anything it’ll be the Kdrama scenes. Some are breathtaking and some are just for the sake of memory and experience.

1. Hoshinoya Okinawa

Why would I choose this place. Well it started off with my search for Okinawa’s scene in “It’s Okay, It’s Love” and then it led me to this place which I loved even more than the cliff aka suicide cliff scene. Living, breathing and seeing “city development” every single day makes pictures like this seem so sweet and heavenly.

Looks so peaceful and quiet

Looks so peaceful and quiet

Star Story Tours

Star Story Tours

The photo by itself just mesmerizes me.

9. Juknokwon in Damyang, Korea (죽녹원)

The theme is nature and this is all about the fresh air! GREEN GREEN GREEN! It takes about an hour to walk through and they even have evening lights for that romantic night stroll.


That could be me right there...

That could be me right there…

1N2D filmed here. Now I want to look for that episode on Youtube!!


8. Telunas Resorts & Private Islands

The Riau Islands were purchased by three folks who are some visionary folks. They purchased it to provide not only a great place to relax and be away from all the “noise” but to also provide employment and opportunities for the local Malay villagers. JP and I were planning on going here for our honeymoon and for other reasons but it was trumped with Korea 2013. It’s still the list though!

I could wake up to this.

I could wake up to this.

New and renovated!

New and renovated!

Wifi free zone. not Free wifi.

Wifi free zone. not Free wifi.


7. Bukchon Hanok Village

I visited this village for the first time in 2013 and I immediately fell in love with it. Maybe I’m a country girl at heart but something history and culture, the combination of stepping into a world like that—just thrills me and leaves me hungry for more experiences. I love the fact that this place has guest houses Hanok style.

Favorite part about Bukchon Village.

Favorite part about Bukchon Village.

This small home was turned into a museum. Nothing is reproduced. All items are originals donated from the locals who have lived there. I could stay in there for days.

6. Victoria Falls aka The Cloud that Thunders.

It looks amazing. I’ve seen photos and it draws me in even more… Especially Devil’s Pool.  I’m not much of a thrill seeking person but this is pretty awesome!



Devin's Pool

Devin’s Pool




Top Ten Tuesday: Spotify Tracks


I love Spotify. I used to be a huge Pandora fan but with the ability to create your own playlist? See ya Pandora. Hello Spotify.

Here’s my Top Ten on Spotify:

10. Slave to the Rhythm by Michael Jackson (Xscape)

Love this remake. The listener becomes exactly what he’s singing about.

9. MTBD by CL

Just had to throw this in. I think she did the best job hands down.

8. Motownphilly- Boyz II Men

7. Supafly (TFK)- Thousand Foot Krutch

6. Fiction – B2ST

5. Gymnopédies No. 1- Erik Satie

Wonderful “mood-setting” background music.

4. R.O.D. (feat. Lydia Paek)- G-Dragon

3. Wake Up – All Sons and Daughters

2. The Sound – Switchfoot (ViceVerses)

This list of Top Ten would not complete if a Switchfoot track was not mentioned. ♥

1. How He Loves Us – Anthony Evans

I listen to this song almost every single day. The lyrics speak so much truth in the moments where chaos and stress take over.


What’s on your (Spotify) list?




TOP TEN TUESDAY: Memories of 2014



Blogging just recently became an enjoyable hobby of mine. I used to be horrible at this but now it’s interesting to just capture life and put it into an electronic “journal” for me to look back and remember…and my memory is horrible for 90% of the time.

July 2nd was the 183rd day of the year = halftime of 2014. We are in the 2nd half of 2014. Can you believe it? So here’s my Top Ten Memories of 2014 Part 1. Many of these are memories that weren’t blogged earlier in the year so no repetition. =)

(I tried to categorize them in order but it’s so hard! They’re not really in order until the Top 3)

10.  Dinner with Kim. ♥ 0613 ♥

I’ve know Kim since about 2007. Our friendship blew out of the water and we were like BFFs. The sister I always wanted but never had. I was so excited the day she got married- we’d have stories to share together, prayer requests and more commonality in our life stages. We had our ups and downs but this dinner was different. It was kinda out of the blue. It’s the dinner where the news broke that the marriage wasn’t doing so well. In fact it was on its way towards divorce. I remember blurting, “DOOOD. Shut up and stop joking around.” It took me a good amount of time to wrap my mind around what I was hearing. I was super sad and super angry. Heartbroken. Since then, it’s been a good connecting moment for Kim and I. To communicate more often than usual. To hangout a lot more than normal. It’s not a “good” memory but it’s a memorable one that I believe, due time & in God’s ways will be redeemed and beneficial though she and I can’t see it now.

It looks good but my taste was shot.

It looks good but my taste was shot.


9. SF Symphony: Bach w/ JP ♥0504♥

JP took a music class earlier this year and a required assignment was to attend a concert and write a paper on the experience. SCORE! Time to explore and experience new things with the mister. Attending the concert was a pleasant experience. Us Parks, we’re not very “cultured” in the music & arts and all that jazz. It was interesting to see how people knew when to clap and when to remain silent. It felt like we just joined a new world/culture. I loved how young and old were combined under one roof to appreciate Bach. Sharing that with JP was definitely new and fun. I guess this is a part of being married and aging together. You get to explore together & learn together.

Bach-For the Soul @ Davies Symphony Hall

Bach-For the Soul @ Davies Symphony Hall


8. Family time – ♥0614♥

We were suppose to drive up to see my parents but with JP being swamped with HW, I ended up taking the drive and just spending some quality time with my parents. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I rarely do but I enjoyed our talks. Having a new step mom enter the family during your 20s can be easier than your teens but it’s also awkward because the connection isn’t or doesn’t develop as quickly. There’s always unspoken and uncertain expectations that perhaps don’t even exist other than in our own heads. I realized, it’s more enjoyable for them to see their children. Makes sense…if I was aging I would want to see livelihood, children and catch up as much as possible. My dad had aged tremendously- hitting 78 onto 79. He’s been healthy throughout the years (PTL!) but visiting him I noticed his back was curving. He was tired and just “aged”. He thought his active lifestyle at church was causing his back to curve but I encouraged him to remain active or else his livelihood and energy level will drop tremendously. He had gotten into a car accident back in August and with his settlement he wanted to give back to my family but instead we talked out a better plan for him and his wife. It ended up being a good talk between father and daughter. The way I see “his wife” aka our stepmom. I could see something in his eyes. Perhaps it was a realization that he should treat his wife better and love on her more. A softness and recognition. The drive back home was absolutely exhausting but long solo drives means more time to process and pray.

7.  Shirley’s Belated Bday Dinner ♥0611♥

I recall sitting at YakiniQ thinking, “wow. it’s been a while since I’ve LOL’d so hard and comfortably with other sisters.”

I don’t recall hanging out with Shirley and April in a group setting. I remember thinking, “Huh..I get to hang out with these two tonight. Cool.

I won’t dive into details of WHAT was spoken amongst us but it was hilarious and raw. Just so much freedom to be “me” and be imperfect and silly without a worry. Sometimes life’s seriousness will consume the heart and mind so much, you won’t remember what it was like to laugh, enjoy non-serious stuff and be free.



The only way you wash down KBBQ, is with Coke (or D.Coke)

The only way you wash down KBBQ, is with Coke (or D.Coke) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLZ!

But first, let me take a "usie"

But first, let me take a “usie”

6. SF (Switchfoot #8?) in SF ♥0416♥

This year I was determined to go to a Switchfoot concert.  Not a Spirit West Coast or a Christian concert with other bands. A SF Show in SF. Perfect! Sweet Marie, bless her heart- she agreed to come with me to the concert so I wouldn’t go by myself. (Rocker girl by heart!)

Before we stuff our faces with hot dogs, pizza and nachos

Before we stuff our faces with hot dogs, pizza and nachos

Something is so familiar with Switchfoot. I lost count of how many shows I’ve been and yet they still surprise me with new endings and twists to their oldies.


If was a teenager I would’ve screamed my head off!!! One of the many reasons I ♥ Switchfoot is that they’re not hesitant to join the fans and let us sing with them. He made a full round.


This NEVER gets old. I stood there watching hands go up and wonder, “How many of these fans are responding by lifting their hands because they know what this song is really about.

Thanks Marie for coming with me at such a short notice. JP was right. You WOULD go. =)

We left early but the show continued on..

We left early but the show continued on..


5. First Friday Devotionals  ♥0404♥

What a journey FFD has been. It all started back in March when I felt that God was leading me to out of my comfort zone at work. You can read about the beginning stages here. Free lunch and a relevant bible study devotional.

I know God isn’t done… there are greater things to come. We’re currently on a break for August but September we’ll be starting back up.

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.To him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever.”  Ephesians 3:20-21

The 1st FFD of 2014

The 1st FFD of 2014

4. SLO for Jina’s Birthday ♥0322♣

I don’t know if I can say thing enough but I think SLO is one of the many cities I can call “an earthly heaven”. Meaning– I want to grow old and retire in SLO. I fell in love with the city years ago and it’s my go-to mini getaway. Drive 3 hours south and you’re greeted with gorgeous beaches, friendly San Luis Obispians and FAHBULOUS College/Downtown Food. Birthday girl, Jina, Fenny and I took her down for a chillax trip. It was a long day with an early start and a late end but I had some real good laughs hanging out with these two.


3.  CG – Living So That & Bday surprise ♥0612♥

It was one of the first times our CG would open up the doors once again to welcome potential members. I was somewhat anxious because, you..just..don’t know. but as the ladies came in one by one and Fenny’s delicious Indonesian dinner was served, it all slowly came calmed down in my mind and heart.  I went to the restroom to wash my hands and the noise I heard was lots of talking and laughter. I stood there just appreciating the sounds of “life” that was coming from the home. As the concerns, doubts and “what ifs” melted, God taught me how to embrace it.

Fenny's wonderful homecookin'

Fenny’s wonderful homecookin’



2014-06-13 06.15.03


We began our “Living So That” study this day. 30 weeks of diving deeper into the Word. It’s been a great experience so far. Can’t believe it’s gone by so fast. On top of the wonderful hospitality, Indonesian food and sounds of life, these ladies decided to surprise me with an early ice cream birthday cake. Super sweet of them.

Lord hear my wish...

Lord hear my wish…

2.  A surprise work visit from the Huh family ♥0620♥

I love my nephew and nieces. Miss them a bunch because they live so far from the bay so getting to see them is what I consider the best treat any auntie could get especially, for her birthday. My sister in law brought my munchkins all the way down to my work where we had lunch together. It was really short but it was sooo good!

To top off their visit, the kids created a birthday goodie bag for me. The best birthday gift EVER! They each handpicked items and even made handmade cards. The joys of being an Auntie is when you receive personalized or handmade gifts from them.


An Auntie could not ask for more. The details on the cards are so UHMAYZING!

An Auntie could not ask for more. The details on the cards are so UHMAYZING!

1. CG Praise Night ♥0305♥

This event holds a special place in my heart. Not just because I got to see JP sharing about the topic of worship but the intimacy of the Holy Spirit was so real that night, I don’t think I can ever forget it. Watching JP teach on worship seemed like a preview of what may come in the future as he continues to study for his bachelors. But that night, the Spirit revealed an idol in my heart that I had no idea about. I really believe the Word when it says the Spirit can search us, know and test to see if there is any offensive way in us. 100% believer of that. And when the Spirit convicts, it does not leave me feeling guilty or condemned. It leads me to repentance and boy did I just bawl my eyes out that night. Having JP come by my side to pray with/for me was blessing and an act of healing for my heart. I keep returning back to this memory even though 3-4 months have passed. It is one of those moments where you encountered God in a crazy and personal way.

2014-03-06 07.56.28


There were sooo many more memories (both good and bad) in the first half of 2014 that I couldn’t blog about here. It’s already August but I know and believe there is so much more in store for me for the 2nd half. Not only me but for the Parks, for Pathway, for my workplace,…everything. Pray and watch.