Weekly Wishes



My sweet niece on my wedding day. She was mesmerized by the sparklers. ♥

Here’s last week’s Weekly Wishes: 

1. SPEAK LOVE- I think it’s gotten better. Especially with my husband this past week. 

2. SECRET SISTER- I sent a package out but it wasn’t secret. Gonna keep trying on this one.

3. CLEAN MY CAR (INSIDE OUT)- I don’t know why I can’t get my butt & car over to the car wash. (sigh)

OKAY! Brand new week.. Fresh new start. I gotta keep going!

Weekly Wishes #4: 

1. CLEAN MY CAR (INSIDE OUT)  This is going to be REALLY difficult this week because I have 3 papers due this Saturday. Well Friday 11:59pm to be exact. 

2. FINISH LAST 3 PAPERS of SCHOOL– Forever and ever until God calls me back into school. My last 3 presentations. 1- 3 pg 1-5pg 1 7pg. YOWZERS!

3. RECYCLE– It’s gotten pretty ridiculous over the months. I can’t see part of our dining room floor. Once class presentations are over this Saturday, I’m heading over to the recycling center.




Weekly Wishes #3



Wow. I would hope it would be better by Week #2. Nope. E-P-I-C-F-A-I-L. Here’s my sad recap.


1. Speak LOVE

Had a couple of moments to do so with my husband which even having that opportunity, meant the world to me.  Along with sisters and coworkers. But! I don’t want to give up on this one. Keep practicing this language. Let it be a lifestyle.

2. Secret Sister

Secret Sister is literally a secret …still. Not sure if I want to give this another try. 

3. Clean my car (Inside & Out)

I SO WISH I DID THIS! But no sadly, I couldn’t get my car over to the carwash. Busyness has taken over. 



1. Finish Applied Learning Paper #1 of 2

I am 2 papers away from being completely done with school. I have been dreading these two numbers: 15 & 16. My presentations are due that day. Two 7-8 page papers. Here we go.

2. Clean my car

I actually have more freetime this week. No excuse. Get in line and get it done.

3. Buy a phone case/cover ASAP

The Mister surprised me with an upgrade to my phone. The thought was so kind and generous of him! This phone is so thin, slippery and fragile I can’t seem to treat it the way I treated my previous phone. The only semi protective case for the LG G3, seems like a cover which I “dun like” because the cover/flap gets in the way of holding the phone comfortably. One drop and this is dead for sure. Anybody have any suggestions? Etsy, here I come!


The Nectar Collective





Weekly Wishes #2

2013-02-01 17.44.55

Santa Clara, CA


Got through my 1st Weekly Wishes. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But..I’m not going to give up. Here’s my update on WW#1 and  Weekly Wishes #2.


1. Carve out intentional time to pray alone or with other friends.

Difficult. Spending time in the Word was a battle at times but praying was definitely hard. I blame it on my own discovery of Kdramas. Especially Fated to Love and It’s Okay It’s Love. #FAIL

2. Clean the bedroom/Reorganize my dress.

So if there was one thing I did do out of the 3 wishes. Here is it. Here’s my dresser top/makeup/vanity mirror-ish area.

Coffee mug, nail polish, makeup, books and journals thrown on the dresser

Coffee mug, nail polish, makeup, books and journals thrown on the dresser

Looks easier on the eyes.

Looks easier on the eyes.

But I still have a “night stand” filled with coffee mugs, empty water bottles reflecting in the mirror. One part of the bedroom at a time.

3. Secret Sister

I started writing a card and then lost track of time and thought during the week. #FAIL



1. Speak LOVE

I want to speak love into at least 1 person’s life every day of this week. Be positive, speak encouragement and love, comfort, and sometimes speaking love doesn’t always look like speaking.

2. Secret Sister

Gonna take another stab at this.

3. Clean my car (Inside & Out)

So It’s blazing hot in Cali and we’re in drought but I’ve left my car unwashed for over months now to save water but it’s getting pretty bad especially with the heat baking bird poo on my hood. Gonna do a full car wash service inside and out. A MUST.

Here’s to another week! FIGHTING!


The Nectar Collective
If you’d like to find out more about Weekly Wishes. click above. (Excuse the profanity)

Weekly Wishes #1


Found out about Weekly Wishes through The Hungry Goat recently. Thank you Katie!!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”



1. Carve out intentional time to pray alone or with other friends.

Last week a small group of ladies had an awesome time of crying out to God. We laid down every concern, struggle, and desire for about 2 hours or so. Time flew by. We had natural sunlight in the office where we met and when we opened our eyes it was dark. Unfortunately, this week some of us can’t gather so it’s gotta be a priority for me to not let the spark go out. One week of not doing something, can make a huge difference.


2. Clean the bedroom/Reorganize my dress.

This is seriously an ongoing battle. It’s where I stash my makeup, accessories, nail polish. Maybe it’s because doing any or all of those three- takes a lot of work (though the outcome is satisfying) therefore I don’t want to clean up or put them back where they belong. My husband doesn’t enjoy seeing girly stuff laying around the house either. Time to take the polishes back to the drawers, reorganize this mess and make it easy on the eyes.


3. Secret Sister

As simple as it sounds, just be a secret sister to somebody this week. I’ve imagined what this would be like long time ago but never put it into action. Once a week send out something anonymous to somebody I know. Flowers, card. a care package…just to say hey and thank you. I’ll try that. Kinda like a pay it forward program but through the mail I guess.


4. Try to encourage at least 1 person everyday this week.

I can go into “do” mode throughout the week and forget that I have been created with a heart. Lots of folks come by my cubicle to chit chat and yet I probably don’t make the most out of the conversations even if they are small talk. Try to encourage at least one person every day.



The Nectar Collective
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